November 27(Sun) ~ December 1(Thu), 2022
BEXCO - Exhibition Center 2, Busan, Korea



Workshop: CubeSat Design, Development, and Operation

Date: November 27 (Sun), 2022
Place: BEXCO

Organized by Prof. Dae Young Lee (Iowa State Univ.) & Prof. Hyeongjun Park (New Mexico State Univ.)

Presentation: English
Time: 5 hours (will be noticed on October)
Registration fee: KRW 100,000 (Registration page will be open on Ocotber)


This tutorial course provides an introduction to the engineering design process for the nano-level satellite called CubeSat. This course examines the principles and practical methods for CubeSat mission design and operations in depth. Interactive discussions focus on initial requirements definition, operations concept development, architecture trade-offs, payload design, bus sizing, subsystem definition, system manufacturing, verification, and operations. CubeSat power system and communication system optimization examples will be introduced to audience. In addition, design, development, and operation experiences are introduced and shared for past and ongoing small satellite missions such as NASA’s ICESat, GRACE-FO, VTXO, and NSF’s VISORS.