ICCAS 2022 Paper List (Ver. 2022.10.21)  
Session No. Date Time Type Paper No. Paper Title Author
MA1-1 Nov. 28 09:00-09:15 Oral P00498 Animal Intrusion Detection in Farming Area using YOLOv5 Approach Dr. Mohd Fauzi Othman, Dr. Normaisharah Mamat, Dr. Fitri Yakub
MA1-2 Nov. 28 09:15-09:30 Oral P00433 Extracting spatial features of fNIRS signal using a graph representation Mr. Minseok Seo, Mr. Eugene Jeong, Prof. Kyung-Soo Kim
MA1-3 Nov. 28 09:30-09:45 Oral P00379 Improving Naive Bayes by Reducing the Importance of Low-Frequency Words Based on Entropy of Words for Spam Email Classification Dr. Arjin Numsomran, Mr. Phaiboon Trikanjananun, Dr. Vittaya Tipsuwanporn
MA1-4 Nov. 28 09:45-15:00 Oral P00300 Deep neural networks for gas concentration estimation and the effect of hyperparameter optimization on the estimation performance Mr. Hee-Deok Jang, Mr. Jae-Hyeon Park, Dr. Hyunwoo Nam, Prof. Dong Eui Chang
MA1-5 Nov. 28 10:00-10:15 Oral P00138 Semi-Supervised Imitation Learning with Mixed Qualities of Demonstrations for Autonomous Driving Mr. Gunmin Lee, Mr. Wooseok Oh, Mr. Jeongwoo Oh, Mr. Seungyoun Shin, Mr. Dohyeong Kim, Ms. Jaeyeon Jeong, Prof. Sungjoon Choi, Prof. Songhwai Oh
MA1-6 Nov. 28 10:15-10:30 Oral P00100 Using Machine Learning to Predict Heat Affected Zone in Steel Induction Heating Dr. Dang Tri Dung, Prof. Nguyen Truong Thinh
MA1-7 Nov. 28 10:30-10:45 Oral P00059 Online Recognition Method for Target Maneuver in UAV Autonomous Air Combat Ms. Yicong Li, Dr. Zhen Yang
MA2-1 Nov. 28 09:00-09:15 Oral P00419 Modeling of Autonomous Emergency Braking System with Minimum Jerk Dr. Amrik Singh Phuman Singh, Dr. Osamu Nishihara
MA2-2 Nov. 28 09:15-09:30 Oral P00392 Data Storage System Requirement for Autonomous Vehicle Mr. Insup Kim, Mr. Ganggyu Lee, Mr. Seyoung Lee, Prof. Wonsuk Choi
MA2-3 Nov. 28 09:30-09:45 Oral P00371 Speed Bump Estimation on the Road Using Vehicle Motion Sensors Mr. Jeongku Kim, Prof. Seul Jung
MA2-4 Nov. 28 09:45-15:00 Oral P00312 Automated Guided Vehicle Controlled by Li-Fi: A Study Case Ms. Véronique Georlette
MA2-5 Nov. 28 10:00-10:15 Oral P00078 Analysis of electrode configuration of underwater electric field sensor on electric-field-based localization for underwater robots Mr. Jason Kim, Graduate Student Ingyu Lee, Mr. Meungsuk Lee, Dr. Ki-Woong Bae, Prof. Son-Cheol Yu
MA2-6 Nov. 28 10:15-10:30 Oral P00074 Working environments and controller design for unmanned underwater vehicles in offshore aquaculture – A review Mr. Thein Than Tun, Prof. Loulin Huang
MA3-1 Nov. 28 09:00-09:15 Oral P00216 Disturbance-observer-based control for synchronization of complex dynamical networks Dr. Kaviarasan Boomipalagan, Prof. Ohmin Kwon
MA3-2 Nov. 28 09:15-09:30 Oral P00188 Robust control scheme for mobile manipulator on uneven terrain based on IMU-based motion compensation and time-delay control Dr. Hakjun Lee, Mr. Jinsuk Choi, Dr. Wookyong Kwon
MA3-3 Nov. 28 09:30-09:45 Oral P00212 es-DNLC: A Deep Neural Network Control with Exponentially Stabilizing Control Lyapunov Functions for Attitude Stabilization of PAV Mr. Minseok Jang, Mr. Jeongseok Hyun, Mr. Taeho Kwag, Mr. Chan Gwak, Graduate Student Chanyoung Jeong, Prof. Tuan Anh Nguyen, Prof. Jaewoo Lee
MA3-4 Nov. 28 09:45-15:00 Oral P00149 Finite-time boundedness and extended passive analysis for fuzzy Markov jump systems with saturation Dr. Ramasamy Kavikumar, Dr. Ramalingam Sakthivel, Prof. Ohmin Kwon
MA3-5 Nov. 28 10:00-10:15 Oral P00036 Exponential stability of discrete-time switched systems based on a switched time-varying Lyapunov function Ms. Na Jiang, Dr. Yuangong Sun
MA3-6 Nov. 28 10:15-10:30 Oral P00023 Practical finite-time stability of homogeneous positive nonlinear systems Graduate Student Mengqian Liang, Prof. Yazhou Tian
MA3-7 Nov. 28 10:30-10:45 Oral P00474 Development of Ethernet/IP Adapter for Explicit Messaging in Cooperative Robot Communication Ms. Shaily Bajpai, Mr. Rahul Ranjan, Prof. Kyung-Oh Lee, Prof. Sungchul Lee, Prof. Joongeup Kye
MA4-1 Nov. 28 09:00-09:15 Oral P00041 Strategies for Autonomous Small-satellite Technology Transfer from LEO to CisLunar Space Mr. Mohammed Irfan Rashed, Prof. Hyochoong Bang
MA4-2 Nov. 28 09:15-09:30 Oral P00151 Autonomous Navigation with Active SLAM for Disinfecting Robot Mr. Kyeongjin Joo, Graduate Student Sanghyun Bae, Graduate Student Jeongwon Pyo, Graduate Student Arpan Ghosh, Prof. Hyunjin Park, Prof. Taeyong Kuc
MA4-3 Nov. 28 09:30-09:45 Oral P00178 Vehicle Navigation System for Underground Parking Lot using Smartphone Dr. Beomju Shin, Dr. Jung Ho Lee, Mr. Changsoo Yu, Mr. Taehun Kim, Dr. Taikjin Lee
MA4-4 Nov. 28 09:45-15:00 Oral P00376 Pose-Graph-Based UWB SLAM with NLOS Factor Estimation Mr. Jieum Hyun, Prof. Hyun Myung
MA4-5 Nov. 28 10:00-10:15 Oral P00440 Building Regular Formations with Establishing/Preserving Information Connectivity by Multi-Agent Robotic Teams Prof. Alexey S. Matveev
MA4-6 Nov. 28 10:15-10:30 Oral P00248 RGB-D Visual SLAM Algorithm Using Scene Flow and Conditional Random Field in Dynamic Environments Mr. Hyeongjun Jeon, Mr. Changwan Han, Graduate Student Donggil You, Prof. Junghyun Oh
MA5-1 Nov. 28 09:00-09:15 Oral P00451 A New Frequency Estimator with Dynamics That Are Independent of Input Amplitude and Its Application to Notch Filters Mr. Young-Seok Kim, Graduate Student Tae-Ho Oh, Mr. Dae-Young Yang, Mr. Tae-Hoon Kim, Dr. Sang-Hoon Lee, Prof. Dong-Il Dan Cho
MA5-2 Nov. 28 09:15-09:30 Oral P00409 Closed-loop Stator Flux Control Method for Soft Starters to Prevent Rotor Speed oscillations in Induction Motors Drive Mr. Tae-Hoon Kim, Mr. Dae-Young Yang, Graduate Student Tae-Ho Oh, Mr. Young-Seok Kim, Dr. Sang-Hoon Lee, Prof. Dong-Il Dan Cho
MA5-3 Nov. 28 09:30-09:45 Oral P00407 A New Stability Index for Industrial Servo Systems Using Frequency Response Function Considering Measurement Delay and Noise Graduate Student Tae-Ho Oh, Mr. Young-Seok Kim, Mr. Dae-Young Yang, Mr. Tae-Hoon Kim, Dr. Sang-Hoon Lee, Prof. Dong-Il Dan Cho
MA5-4 Nov. 28 09:45-15:00 Oral P00199 Tool Monitoring System Using Vibration and Current Signals Mr. Zhennan Wei, Mr. Zhenyu Qiu, Mr. Qian Huang, Dr. Yundi Chu
MA5-5 Nov. 28 10:00-10:15 Oral P00200 Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network Mr. Zhanyuan Gao, Mr. Zhennan Wei, Mr. Yuan Chen, Mr. Tianqi Ying, Mr. Haojie Gao
MA5-6 Nov. 28 10:15-10:30 Oral P00398 Particle Swarm Optimization Based Reliable Control Algorithm for Fuzzy Systems Ms. Ponnarasi Loganathan, Prof. Pankajavalli P. B., Prof. Sakthivel R., Dr. Selvaraj P.
MA6-1 Nov. 28 09:00-09:15 Oral P00475 Semantic Foreground Feature Extraction and Camera-aware Re-allocation Clustering for Unsupervised Person Re-identification Mr. Ge Cao, Prof. Kanghyun Jo
MA6-2 Nov. 28 09:15-09:30 Oral P00472 Combination of Deep Learner Network with Transformer for 3D Human Pose Estimation Mr. Tran Tien Dat, Mr. Vo Xuan Thuy, Mr. Nguyen Duy Linh, Prof. Kang-Hyun Jo
MA6-3 Nov. 28 09:30-09:45 Oral P00445 Automation of 3D sewing of two different shaped parts by robot arm - Proposal and evaluation of the sewing method of rectangular and semicircular parts - Ms. Eiri Ogura, Prof. Takashi Yoshimi, Mr. Motoki Hirayama
MA6-4 Nov. 28 09:45-15:00 Oral P00413 A surface shape measurement method using a self-shape sensor "Flexible Sensor Tube" Dr. Daisuke Ura, Prof. Koichi Osuka
MA6-5 Nov. 28 10:00-10:15 Oral P00364 A Facial Gender Detector on CPU using Multi-dilated Convolution with Attention Modules Mr. Adri Priadana, Mr. Muhamad Dwisnanto Putro, Mr. Xuan-Thuy Vo, Prof. Kang-Hyun Jo
MA6-6 Nov. 28 10:15-10:30 Oral P00357 Fast Terminal SMC with SPO for Trajectory Tracking of Robot Manipulator for Nuclear Reactor Dismantlement Prof. Min Cheol Lee, Graduate Student Chengqian Li, Graduate Student Jaehyung Kim
MA7-1 Nov. 28 09:00-09:15 Oral P00088 Plastic Bottle Recognition Using Improved U-Net Mr. Daiki Ideta, Prof. Tohru Kamiya
MA7-2 Nov. 28 09:15-09:30 Oral P00083 Environment Recognition from A Spherical Camera Image Based on Multi-Attention DeepLab Mr. Yuta Nishida, Prof. Tohru Kamiya
MA7-3 Nov. 28 09:30-09:45 Oral P00082 Identification for Drinking Spout of Plastic Bottle Using Multi Eff-UNet Mr. Shunsuke Moritsuka, Prof. Tohru Kamiya
MA7-4 Nov. 28 09:45-15:00 Oral P00070 Generation of Super-Resolution Images from Satellite Images Based on Improved RCAN Mr. Futa Morishima, Prof. Huimin Lu, Prof. Tohru Kamiya
MA8-1 Nov. 28 09:00-09:15 Oral P00491 Circuit Driving of RC Scale Cars using Reinforcement Learning Graduate Student Minhyeok Kwon, Prof. Yongsoon Eun
MA8-2 Nov. 28 09:15-09:30 Oral P00273 Data Augmentation of Selective Subspace to Improve the Performance of Offline Reinforcement Learning Mr. Jungwoo Han, Prof. Jinwhan Kim
MA8-3 Nov. 28 09:30-09:45 Oral P00246 Learning to Box: Reinforcement Learning using Heuristic Three-step Curriculum Learning Ms. Heeseon Rho, Mr. Yeonguk Yu, Prof. Kyoobin Lee
MA8-4 Nov. 28 09:45-15:00 Oral P00174 Vision-based Reinforcement learning : Moving object grasping with a Single Active-view Camera Mr. Seongwon Jang, Ms. Hyemi Jeong, Prof. Hyun Seok Yang
MA8-5 Nov. 28 10:00-10:15 Oral P00127 Deep Reinforcement Learning-based ANM Optimization: A Soft Actor-Critic with Prioritized Experience Replay Approach Graduate Student Xinfeng Sun, Graduate Student Yuna Oh, Dr. Myoung Hoon Lee, Prof. Jun Moon
MA8-6 Nov. 28 10:15-10:30 Oral P00076 Continuous Control of Autonomous Vehicles using Plan-assisted Deep Reinforcement Learning Mr. Tanay Dwivedi, Mr. Tobias Betz, Mr. Florian Sauerbeck, Dr. Pv Manivannan, Prof. Markus Lienkamp
MA9-1 Nov. 28 09:00-09:15 Oral P00405 A new framework for sampled-data tracking problem with step reference and disturbance Mr. Hae Yeon Park, Prof. Jung Hoon Kim
MA9-2 Nov. 28 09:15-09:30 Oral P00321 Searching for an affordable Neural Network Architecture for Electrochemical Parameter Identification of a Li-ion Battery on an actual Battery Management Board Mr. Kwanwoong Yoon, Mr. Huiyong Chun, Mr. Hyeonjang Pyeon, Prof. Soohee Han
MA9-3 Nov. 28 09:30-09:45 Oral P00302 Adapting Masking Network for Bloom Identification Number Recognition to Different Domains Mr. Wonseok Jeong, Ms. Hyeyeon Choi, Mr. Bum Jun Kim, Ms. Hyeonah Jang, Mr. Dong Gu Lee, Mr. Donggeon Lee, Prof. Sang Woo Kim
MA9-4 Nov. 28 09:45-15:00 Oral P00205 How to easily make a policy network of reinforcement learning robust without physical modeling Mr. Hyeonbeen Park, Dr. Seungmin Baek, Prof. Soohee Han
MA9-5 Nov. 28 10:00-10:15 Oral P00038 Improved Robustness of Reinforcement Learning Based on Uncertainty and Disturbance Estimator Mr. Jinsuk Choi, Mr. Hyunbeen Park, Mr. Jongchan Baek, Prof. Soohee Han
MA10-1 Nov. 28 09:00-09:15 Oral P00406 Verification of the Gait-Assist Patterns to the Pelvis in a Wheeled Upright Walker to Build Robotic Assistive Control Mr. Hiroki Aoyama, Prof. Kazuo Yonenobu, Dr. Katsushi Ogawa, Prof. Seonghee Jeong
MA10-2 Nov. 28 09:15-09:30 Oral P00323 Measurement and Evaluation Method of Gait Parameters for Timed Up and Go Test using an IoRT Care-Walker Mr. Akihiro Yamada, Prof. Seonghee Jeong, Dr. Hiroki Aoyama, Prof. Kazuo Yonenobu, Dr. Katsushi Ogawa
MA10-3 Nov. 28 09:30-09:45 Oral P00292 Pneumatic Control System of Haptic Device for Abdominal Palpation Simulation Mr. Hyung Taeg Han, Prof. Lee Doo Yong
MA10-4 Nov. 28 09:45-15:00 Oral P00285 A Human Lifting and Navigation System Based on ICT for Underwater Rescue Prof. Dal-Hwan Yoon, Mr. Jong Hwa Yoon
MA10-5 Nov. 28 10:00-10:15 Oral P00270 Implementation of the Racing Game with the Virtual Reality and Cable Suspended Parallel Robot (CSPR) Prof. Nguyen Truong Thinh, Mr. Chu Nhat Minh Quan, Mr. Tuong Phuoc Tho
MA10-6 Nov. 28 10:15-10:30 Oral P00116 Development of a Laparoscope Prototype Based on the Continuous Redundant Cable Robot Tested in a Simulated Abdominal Pelvic Cavity Mr. Hernando Leon-Rodriguez
MA11-1 Nov. 28 09:00-09:15 Oral P00397 Robotic Dough Shaping Mr. Jan Ondras, Graduate Student Di Ni, Graduate Student Xi Deng, Graduate Student Zeqi Gu, Graduate Student Henry Zheng, Prof. Tapomayukh Bhattacharjee
MA11-2 Nov. 28 09:15-09:30 Oral P00383 Illumination Effect Evaluation Algorithm for Vision-based Robotic Inspection Mr. Minwoo Na, Prof. Jae-Bok Song
MA11-3 Nov. 28 09:30-09:45 Oral P00276 Optimization of an Intelligent Wheelchair: LiDAR and Camera Vision for Obstacle Avoidance Mr. Joshua Clounie, Mr. Joshua Green, Mr. Rafael Galarza, Mr. Shawn Anderson, Mr. Jash Campell-Smith, Dr. Razvan Cristian Voicu
MA11-4 Nov. 28 09:45-15:00 Oral P00183 Development and Control of the Stick Robot Using Three Reaction Wheels Mr. Matee Vadrukchid, Prof. Manukid Parnichkun
MA11-5 Nov. 28 10:00-10:15 Oral P00164 Design of a Foldable Robot Arm for a Hybrid Robot Manipulator Graduate Student Joon Woo Lee, Prof. Seul Jung
MA11-6 Nov. 28 10:15-10:30 Oral P00014 Collision-Backpropagation based Obstacle Avoidance Method for a Legged Robot Expressed as a Simplified Dynamics Model Mr. Jinwon Kim, Graduate Student Heechan Shin, Prof. Sung-Eui Yoon
MB1-1 Nov. 28 16:00-16:15 Oral P00447 Performance Comparison of Human Activity Recognition for Unmanned Retails Ms. Sheilla Wesonga
MB1-2 Nov. 28 16:15-16:30 Oral P00403 Towards On-device Deep Neural Network Inference and Model Update for Real-time Gesture Classification Mr. Mustapha Deji Dere, Mr. Ji-Hun Jo, Prof. Boreom Lee
MB1-3 Nov. 28 16:30-16:45 Oral P00388 Monocular Supervised Metric Distance Estimation for Autonomous Driving Applications Mr. Yury Davydov, Dr. Wen-Hui Chen, Dr. Yu-Chen Lin
MB1-4 Nov. 28 16:45-17:00 Oral P00291 Generating High-Resolution Fire Images with Controllable Attributes via Generative Adversarial Networks Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dung, Prof. Hakil Kim
MB1-5 Nov. 28 17:00-17:15 Oral P00143 Air path and combustion controls coordination in diesel engine Dr. Loris Ventura, Dr. Stefano Alberto Malan
MB1-6 Nov. 28 17:15-17:30 Oral P00024 Generation Method of Autonomous Evasive Maneuver Strategy in Air Combat Ms. Lin Li, Dr. Zhen Yang, Dr. Zhixiao Sun, Dr. Guang Zhan, Dr. Haiyin Piao, Prof. Deyun Zhou
MB2-1 Nov. 28 16:00-16:15 Oral P00303 Inference of Vehicle Lane Change Intention Using Multiple Model Estimator in Automated Highway Driving Mr. Jongyong Do, Prof. Kyoungseok Han, Prof. Seibum Ben Choi
MB2-2 Nov. 28 16:15-16:30 Oral P00208 A Sensor-Based Study for Security Events Detection Systems On Board Autonomous Trains Dr. Claire Nicodeme
MB2-3 Nov. 28 16:30-16:45 Oral P00187 Performance Analysis for Secure Communication based on CMAC Mr. Kyungsu Lee
MB2-4 Nov. 28 16:45-17:00 Oral P00185 Communication between two controllers with the different electric grounds for Fail-Operational Mr. Sungsu Han
MB2-5 Nov. 28 17:00-17:15 Oral P00109 Ethical Decision-Making Assistance for Autonomous Driving by Hybrid Approach in Collision Imminence with Vulnerable Road Users Mr. Jin Ho Yang, Graduate Student Jin Sung Kim, Prof. Chung Choo Chung
MB2-6 Nov. 28 17:15-17:30 Oral P00005 Evaluation of Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control Based on Lane-Change Detection Dr. Hanwool Woo, Dr. Jongseong Gwak
MB2-7 Nov. 28 17:30-17:45 Oral P00394 A Multi-Drone System for Oil Spill Detection: A Simulation and Emulation Platform Dr. Ahmed Al Maashri, Dr. Jawher Ghommam, Dr. Ashraf Saleem, Mr. Navid Nasiri, Dr. Omer Eldirdiry, Prof. Hadj Bourdoucen, Dr. Ghazi Al Rawas, Mr. Amran Al Kamzari, Dr. Ahmed Ammari
MB3-1 Nov. 28 16:00-16:15 Oral P00437 Multivariable Representation and Analysis of Controllers Used for Individual Pitch Control of Large Wind Energy Converters Dr. Adrian Gambier
MB3-2 Nov. 28 16:15-16:30 Oral P00417 A Specified-Duration Shaper for Reducing Vibration of a Flexible Beam System Prof. Brian Byunghyun Kang
MB3-3 Nov. 28 16:30-16:45 Oral P00356 Output Feedback Control of Two-dimensional Polynomial Fuzzy Networked-Control-Systems Prof. Lizhen Li, Graduate Student Yutang Wu, Graduate Student Deshi Hu
MB3-4 Nov. 28 16:45-17:00 Oral P00304 Analysis of Fully Differential Folded-Cascode Cross-Coupled Power Amplifier Dr. Kittipong Kan Tripetch
MB3-5 Nov. 28 17:00-17:15 Oral P00175 Initialization-free Algorithm for Discrete-time Dynamic Average Consensus and Its Application to Distributed Optimization Ms. Jiyeon Nam, Mr. Jinwook Heo, Graduate Student Jeong Woo Kim, Prof. Hyungbo Shim, Dr. Jae Sung Bang, Dr. Jinsung Kim
MB3-6 Nov. 28 17:15-17:30 Oral P00099 Dynamical evolution of public perceptions of technological innovation in supernetwork Dr. Qiu Xiao Yue, Dr. Liu Xia Qun, Prof. Zhuang Ya Ming
MB3-7 Nov. 28 17:30-17:45 Oral P00035 Stability of generalized homogeneous cooperative systems Ms. Yang Xu, Dr. Yuangong Sun
MB4-1 Nov. 28 16:00-16:15 Oral P00506 Mars Atmospheric Entry Trajectory Generation using Parameter Optimization Mr. Youngro Lee, Prof. Dae Young Lee
MB4-2 Nov. 28 16:15-16:30 Oral P00490 UWB/GPS Sensor Fusion Using Kalman Filter for Outdoor Autonomous Robot Mr. Junhyeok Shin, Prof. Hoeryong Jung
MB4-3 Nov. 28 16:30-16:45 Oral P00442 Reentry-phase Tracking of a Ballistic Missile in the Presence of Radar Glint Noise Mr. Natnael Zewge, Prof. Hyochoong Bang
MB4-4 Nov. 28 16:45-17:00 Oral P00191 Construction of the Radio Map with Defective GPS Position Information Graduate Student Taewon Kang, Dr. Joon Hyo Rhee
MB4-5 Nov. 28 17:00-17:15 Oral P00137 Context Adaptive GPS/GF-INS Integrated Navigation System for Rotational Vehicle Mr. Jae Hoon Son, Dr. Sang Heon Oh, Prof. Dong-Hwan Hwang
MB4-6 Nov. 28 17:15-17:30 Oral P00016 Adapted ACO Algorithm for Energy-Efficient Path Finding of Waste Collection Robot Graduate Student Koki Tomitagawa, Dr. Anuntapat Anuntachai, Dr. Supannada Chotiphan, Dr. Olarn Wongwirat, Prof. Shigeru Kuchii
MB5-1 Nov. 28 16:00-16:15 Oral P00377 Basic research on AC characteristics and film thickness measurement of wet coating film using coaxial probe method Dr. Katsushi Ogawa, Mr. Itaru Chiba, Prof. Tsuneo Jozen, Prof. Seonghee Jeong
MB5-2 Nov. 28 16:15-16:30 Oral P00373 Development of Painting Robot for Cage-shape Iron Pillar Supporting Train Track : Prototype Design and Basic Motion Verification Prof. Seohghee Jeong, Prof. Katsushi Ogawa, Prof. Tsuneo Jozen
MB5-3 Nov. 28 16:30-16:45 Oral P00331 Design a GA-based PID Controller for a Pressure Control of a Process Chamber using a Time-domain System Identification Dr. Seungwan Ryu, Mr. Sungsoon Yim, Dr. Seokmin Wi, Dr. Seungyun Jung, Dr. Sanghoon Kim, Mr. Byeonghee Kim
MB5-4 Nov. 28 16:45-17:00 Oral P00222 Automatic Control Crude Oil Feeder System Dr. Sirichai Tammaruckwattana, Mr. Ekarin Vichachuai, Dr. Wandee Petchmaneelumka
MB5-5 Nov. 28 17:00-17:15 Oral P00125 Load regulation of the heat supply unit assisted by the energy storage in thermal networks via a reference model-based controller Mr. Jianjun Shu, Dr. Gengjin Shi
MB5-6 Nov. 28 17:15-17:30 Oral P00080 State of Charge Estimation Using Multi-layer Neural Networks Based On Temperature Mr. Dong Hun Wang, Graduate Student Jong Hyun Lee, Graduate Student Min Chan Kim, Prof. In Soo Lee
MB6-1 Nov. 28 16:00-16:15 Oral P00348 Super Twisting Sliding Mode Control-Based Impedance Control for Teleoperated Virtual Robot Arm End-Effector Force Tracking Prof. Min Cheol Lee, Mr. Muhammad Hamza Khan, Dr. Saad Jamshed Abbasi, Mr. Muhammad Salman
MB6-2 Nov. 28 16:15-16:30 Oral P00324 Prototype on retrofittable autonomous lawn mower for golf resort Mr. Kaito Ichihara, Prof. Tadahiro Hasegawa, Prof. Shin'Ichi Yuta, Mr. Tomoyuki Kato, Mr. Kentaro Nimura, Mr. Motoyuki Shiraishi
MB6-3 Nov. 28 16:30-16:45 Oral P00177 A Development of Automatic Self-Ordering Following Module for Online Campus Tour Project of 5 Countries Mr. Yoganata Kristanto
MB6-4 Nov. 28 16:45-17:00 Oral P00157 Application of Model Predictive Control to Polishing Robot for Pushing Operation Mr. Nobuaki Endo, Prof. Takashi Yoshimi, Mr. Koichiro Hayashi, Mr. Hiroki Murakami
MB6-5 Nov. 28 17:00-17:15 Oral P00123 System Identification for Gimbal Structure Loading Device Ms. Yeri Sim, Mr. Subin Lim, Ms. Suhyeon Park, Prof. Sangrok Jin
MB6-6 Nov. 28 17:15-17:30 Oral P00097 Improvement of 3D-SLAM Accuracy by Removing Moving Objects on 3D-LiDAR Point Cloud Using Image Recognition in Web Camera Mr. Jun Konno, Prof. Yoshinobu Ando
MB7-1 Nov. 28 16:00-16:15 Oral P00089 Identification of abnormal tissue from CT images using improved ResNet34 Mr. Naoya Honda, Prof. Tohru Kamiya
MB7-2 Nov. 28 16:15-16:30 Oral P00087 Automatic Classification of Respiratory Considering Hierarchical Structure Mr. Manami Tabata, Prof. Tohru Kamiya
MB7-3 Nov. 28 16:30-16:45 Oral P00086 Detection of Driver Gene Mutations from Thoracic CT Images Based on LightGBM with Radiomics Features Mr. Shion Watanabe, Prof. Tohru Kamiya
MB7-4 Nov. 28 16:45-17:00 Oral P00071 Low-dose CT Denoising Using Deep CNN Mr. Yuta Sadamatsu, Prof. Tohru Kamiya, Prof. Seiichi Murakami, Prof. Guangxu Li
MB7-5 Nov. 28 17:00-17:15 Oral P00068 Classification of CTC on Fluorescence Image Based on Improved AlexNet Mr. Kohei Kisanuki, Prof. Tohru Kamiya, Prof. Li Guangxu
MB8-1 Nov. 28 16:00-16:15 Oral P00131 Automatic Identification of CTC in Fluorescence Microscope Images Using Morphological Filtering to Detect Cell Nuclei Mr. Kazuki Hashimoto
MB8-2 Nov. 28 16:15-16:30 Oral P00085 Development of Temporal Subtraction Technique for Phalanges CR Image using Geometric-matching CNN Mr. Hikaru Ono, Prof. Tohru Kamiya
MB8-3 Nov. 28 16:30-16:45 Oral P00084 Extraction of Cervical Lymph Nodes using Improved U-Net++ Mr. Nozomi Shime, Prof. Tohru Kamiya
MB8-4 Nov. 28 16:45-17:00 Oral P00072 Automatic Detection of Cervical Lymph Nodes from Non-Contrast CT Images Using the SSD Mr. Seitaro Baba, Prof. Tohru Kamiya, Prof. Takayuki Isida
MB8-5 Nov. 28 17:00-17:15 Oral P00066 Classification the Root Resorption from Panoramic X-ray Image Using Center Loss Redefined in Angle Space Mr. Kosei Tamura, Prof. Tohru Kamiya
MB9-1 Nov. 28 16:00-16:15 Oral P00448 Optimization-based Energy Management Strategy for Hybrid Electric Tramways Dr. Hoai-Vu-Anh Truong, Graduate Student Hoai-An Trinh, Prof. Kyoung Kwan Ahn
MB9-2 Nov. 28 16:15-16:30 Oral P00243 Disturbance observer-based transformer current estimation for bidirectional dual-active-bridge DC-DC converter using LMI-based optimization Dr. Ngoc-Duc Nguyen, Prof. Young Il Lee
MB9-3 Nov. 28 16:30-16:45 Oral P00225 Commutation Methods of AC-AC Converter for Wind Power Generation System Dr. Sirichai Tammaruckwattana, Mr. Pramook Kawpukdee, Mr. Natchanon Suppaadirek, Ms. Rutchanee Gullayanono, Dr. Apinai Rerkratn
MB9-4 Nov. 28 16:45-17:00 Oral P00206 Convex Optimization on Differential Actuation of Quasi-Static MEMS Mirrors in Scanning Applications Dr. Sangtak Park, Dr. Lawrence Wong, Dr. Jangwon Yie
MB9-5 Nov. 28 17:00-17:15 Oral P00147 FOC Control Prototyping of 48V IDB System for Hardware Engineers Ms. Minhye Yu, Mr. Sung Su Han
MB9-6 Nov. 28 17:15-17:30 Oral P00037 Computational Study on the Rotordynamic of the Hole Diaphragm Labyrinth Seal Dr. Xiang Zhang, Prof. Yinghou Jiao, Prof. Xiuquan Qu, Dr. Guanghe Huo
MB10-1 Nov. 28 16:00-16:15 Oral P00418 Design and Control of a Humanoid Avatar Head with Realtime Face Animation Prof. Mathew Schwartz, Graduate Student Jaehoon Sim, Prof. Jaeheung Park
MB10-2 Nov. 28 16:15-16:30 Oral P00279 The Factors that Affect the Selecting of Sticker Image on Social Media Application : A Case Study of Retired People Purchasing Behavior in Thailand Dr. Kleddao Satcharoen
MB10-3 Nov. 28 16:30-16:45 Oral P00266 A Mobile Robot Framework in Industrial Disaster for Human Rescue Mr. Junho Baek, Mr. Junhyun Choi, Mr. Sangmin Kim, Mr. Hyunjin Park, Mr. Taeyong Kuc
MB10-4 Nov. 28 16:45-17:00 Oral P00140 Linkage Mechanism-based Forced Blood Circulation System for Lower Limbs with an Indirect Stimulation Device Mr. Hyeoncheol Kim, Mr. Kwon Donghyun, Prof. Choi Jungsu
MB10-5 Nov. 28 17:00-17:15 Oral P00115 Bioelectronic transfemoral prosthesis to improve human gait by means of EMG and space-time physical variables Mr. Hernando Leon-Rodriguez
MB10-6 Nov. 28 17:15-17:30 Oral P00015 Leveraging Extended Chat History through Sentence Embedding in Multi-turn Dialogue toward Increasing User Engagement Mr. Zeyu Ding, Dr. Armagan Elibol, Prof. Nak-Young Chong
MB11-1 Nov. 28 16:00-16:15 Oral P00453 Continuous sliding mode control for indoor under-actuated overhead crane systems Dr. Ngo Phong Nguyen, Dr. Hyondong Oh, Prof. Jun Moon
MB11-2 Nov. 28 16:15-16:30 Oral P00408 Discrete-time Sliding Mode Control with Second-Order Decoupled Disturbance Compensator to Improve the Stability and Robustness Mr. Dae-Young Yang, Graduate Student Tae-Ho Oh, Mr. Young-Seok Kim, Mr. Tae-Hoon Kim, Dr. Sang-Hoon Lee, Prof. Dong-Il Dan Cho
MB11-3 Nov. 28 16:30-16:45 Oral P00141 Event-Triggered Sliding Mode Control for Position Tracking of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors Graduate Student Jaehyoug Gu, Graduate Student Sesun You, Prof. Wonhee Kim, Prof. Jun Moon
MB11-4 Nov. 28 16:45-17:00 Oral P00111 A Study on Fuzzy-based Super-Twisting Sliding Mode Control Approaches for Rotary Inverted Pendulum Systems Mr. Suk-Jun Lee, Prof. Jun Moon
MB11-5 Nov. 28 17:00-17:15 Oral P00126 Attitude Control of a Satellite based on Sliding Mode Control Mr. Prasitthichai Naronglerdrit, Prof. Manukid Parnichkun
MB11-6 Nov. 28 17:15-17:30 Oral P00042 Sliding Mode Control based Robust Gap Control for Virtual Coupling of Railway Vehicles Mr. Jaegeun Park, Prof. Yongsoon Eun
MP-1 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00063 High Path Converging Reward Space: Imitating Human Behavior in Robot Arm Control Ms. Dahyun Koh, Graduate Student Seongwon Jang, Prof. Hyun Seok Yang
MP-2 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00469 Failure Detection and System Stabilization Strategy of Quadcopter using SINDy-PI Algorithm Mr. Taewook Um, Mr. Jun Oh Park, Prof. Hyo-Sung Ahn
MP-3 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00468 Flight Path Planning of Multi Agent System using Model Predictive Control Mr. Jun-Oh Park, Mr. Tae-Wook Um, Prof. Hyo-Sung Ahn
MP-4 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00466 Low-level Hovering system of quad-rotor itself using Reinforcement Learning Mr. Junghyun Seo, Prof. Yongseob Lim, Graduate Student Geon Park, Graduate Student Gihwan Jeon
MP-5 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00456 Solar-Powered UAV Waypoint Following using Reinforcement Learning Algorithm Mr. Giancarlo Eder Guerra Padilla, Dr. Kun-Jung Kim, Prof. Kee-Ho Yu
MP-6 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00430 Visual Inertial Odometry based Autonomous Landing Algorithm considering the GNSS-Denied Situation of Drone using Pixhawk Mr. Hyeongseok Kim, Mr. Seongbong Lee, Ms. Hyeji Kim, Prof. Dongjin Lee
MP-7 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00306 Modeling and Simulation of Solar-powerd Aquatic UAV for Sailing Mission Ms. Hyeong Jun Park, Mr. Giancarlo Eder Guerra Padilla, Prof. Kee-Ho Yu
MP-8 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00240 Finite Memory Consensus Filter-based Distributed Neural Network Control for Multi-agent Systems Dr. Dong Kyu Lee, Mr. Gi Heon Lee, Prof. Choon Ki Ahn
MP-9 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00231 Detection of Moving Objects in Complex Urban Environments Based on Residual-Image and Segment Mr. Changwan Han, Graduate Student Hyeongjun Jeon, Graduate Student Dongguil You, Prof. Junghyun Oh
MP-10 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00196 Estimation of Vehicle Position and Velocity in Lane Coordinate using IMU-Camera Sensor Fusion Mr. Weonmo Kang, Prof. Changsun Ahn
MP-11 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00181 Flight Path Planning for UAM/UAV based on Fast Marching Method Considering Building Wind Mr. Min-Chang Kim, Mr. Giancarlo Eder Guerra Padilla, Dr. Kun-Jung Kim, Prof. Kee-Ho Yu
MP-12 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00108 A Study on the Control Technology of the Underwater Glider Recovery Equipment Using the ROV Platform Mr. Munhaeng Lee, Mr. Sungjae Kim, Dr. Huynh Thinh, Dr. Tran Minh-Thien, Mr. Jungwoo Lee, Prof. Jinho Suh
MP-13 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00263 Parsing Indoor Manhattan Scenes Using Four-Point LiDAR on a Micro UAV Ms. Eunju Jeong, Ms. Suyoung Kang, Ms. Daekyeong Lee, Prof. Pyojin Kim
MP-14 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00326 Maximum Power Point Tracking Control for Photovoltaic Systems Using Maximum Power Line Dr. Hyoung-Kyu Yang, Dr. Sang Min Park, Dr. Dongmyoung Joo, Mr. Byoung Jo Hyon, Dr. Jin-Hong Kim
MP-15 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00207 Robust Sampled-data Output Feedback T-S Fuzzy Control for Vehicle Active Suspension Systems via Input Delay Approach Mr. Yong Jun Lee, Mr. Seong Woo Kang, Prof. Dong Sung Pae, Prof. Hyun Duck Choi, Prof. Myo Taeg Lim
MP-16 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00133 Containment Control for Multi-Agent Systems under Directed Interaction Topologies with Time-Varying Delays Dr. Xiaojie Peng, Prof. Yong He
MP-17 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00132 A Study on Position Controller with Backward Compensation According to the change of Position Commend Mr. Hyunbae Lee, Mr. Minkuk Kim
MP-18 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00505 Improved Stochastic Reinforcement Learning for Motor Speed Controller Mr. Chaehun Park, Mr. Cheolmin Jeong, Prof. Changmook Kang
MP-19 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00465 An Improved Path Tracking Laguerre based Exponential Weight Design for Vehicle Motion Using Adaptive Model Predictive Control Mr. Bilal Sadiq, Dr. Yongseob Lim
MP-20 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00411 Base Disturbance Rejection Controller with Outer-DOB of Floating Base Single-axis Gimbal Mr. Young Hun Chung, Dr. Do Hyeon Lee, Prof. Sehoon Oh
MP-21 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00350 Battery Thermal Management of Electronic Vehicle using MPC Mr. Seongun Park, Prof. Changsun Ahn
MP-22 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00334 Modeling of EV Battery Cooling System using Artificial Neural Network Mr. Kiheon Nam, Prof. Changsun Ahn
MP-23 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00242 Finite Memory Estimator-based Online Approach to Self-Calibration of Serial Manipulators Dr. Kwansoo Kim, Mr. Dong Hyeon Kim, Prof. Seok-Kyoon Kim, Prof. Choon Ki Ahn
MP-24 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00239 Visual-Inertial Odometry-based Finite Memory Estimation for Camera Localization Ms. Ju Yeon Ko, Dr. Hyun Ho Kang, Prof. Sung Hyun You, Prof. Choon Ki Ahn
MP-25 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00172 Adaptive control in ultrasonic actuation system for particle manipulation Mr. Han-Sol Lee, Prof. Chang-Sei Kim
MP-26 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00044 An adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control for a Cable-driven Parallel Robot Mr. Thanh-Hai Nguyen, Prof. Kwan-Woong Gwak, Dr. Dinh Ba Pham, Mr. Duc Hai Nguyen
MP-27 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00043 Distributed formation control of a three-agent system with orientation errors Dr. Jae-Gyeong Lee, Dr. Koog-Hwan Oh, Dr. Ji-Tae Hong
MP-28 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00001 sigongji test Dr. Kyoungil Kim
MP-29 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00201 Experimental validation of DOB based sliding mode control of a Jimmy Jib system with a gravity compensation system Mr. Byeong-Soo Kim, Prof. Kwan-Woong Gwak
MP-30 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00117 Optimal Digital Twin Model-based CPS (Cyber Physical System) Design for Smart Factory Prof. Youngkuk Kwon
MP-31 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00028 A Systematic Comparison of Simulation Software for Robotic Arm Manipulation using ROS2 Mr. Florent Philippe Audonnet, Dr. Andrew Hamilton, Dr. Gerardo Aragon-Camarasa
MP-32 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00020 New Guidance Law for Impact Time and Angle Control Against Maneuvering Target Dr. Pengyu Wang, Prof. Chang-Hun Lee, Prof. Bong Wie
MP-33 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00489 A Magnetic Actuation Scheme Based on Artificial Potential Field Using FIeld Free Point Mr. Yonggyu Kim, Graduate Student Minh Phu Bui, Dr. Hosu Lee, Graduate Student Myungjin Park, Prof. Jungwon Yoon
MP-34 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00467 A Consensus-based SLAM Algorithm for a Single Vehicle Prof. Hyo-Sung Ahn, Prof. Myo Taeg Lim
MP-35 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00274 Low-Cost LiDAR-based SLAM for Small Robot Systems Mr. Insik Jang, Prof. Heoncheol Lee
MP-36 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00332 Comparing the Effects of Admittance and Error-based Control of a Trunk Rehabilitation Robot on the User’s Balance Dr. Hosu Lee, Dr. Amre Eizad, Mr. Junyeong Lee, Graduate Student Yunho Choi, Dr. Won-Kyung Song, Prof. Kyung-Joong Kim, Prof. Jungwon Yoon
MP-37 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00171 Validation of Finger Extensor Facilitation Training Device “iPARKO” for hemiplegic persons Ms. Ai Nakamura, Ms. Reika Yokoyama, Mr. Ryuji Iio, Dr. Igor Zubrycki, Prof. Hirofumi Tanabe, Prof. Yoshifumi Morita
MP-38 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00152 Development of a prosthetic hand with a built-in heating device to prevent residual limb pain for upper limb amputee Mr. Seunggi Kim, Mr. Beom-Ki Hong, Mr. Hyun-Jo Kim, Mr. Dong-Young Ahn, Mr. Kyoung-Ho Kim, Dr. Dong-Sub Son, Dr. Se-Hoon Park
MP-39 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00094 Development of Lightweight Wearable Suit for Agricultural Worker Mr. Kwanhyung Park, Dr. Haeyong Yun, Mr. Yongjun Cho, Dr. Hyunggil Hong
MP-40 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00481 Workspace Force/Acceleration Disturbance Observer for Robust Impedance-based Motion Control Mr. Wooseok Han, Mr. Wonbum Yun, Prof. Sehoon Oh
MP-41 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00214 Validation of wearable robot performance evaluation index based on robot dummy Mr. Chang-Hwan Lee, Prof. Kwan-Woong Gwak
MP-42 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00203 Integrated System of EMG Classification Based Robotic Prosthetic Hand Control and Wearable Haptic Device Based Proprioceptive Feedback Mr. Seungun Yang, Prof. Sukho Park
MP-43 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00047 Ergonomic Analysis of Head-mounted Display as a Vision System for the Surgical Robot Mr. Jong Hyeon Lee, Mr. Young Gyun Kim, Mr. Sungwoo Park, Mr. Jae Woo Shim, Mr. Youho Myong, Prof. Minwoo Cho, Prof. Sungwan Kim
MP-44 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00195 Novel Automatic Workpiece Surface Defects Detection System Mr. Wen Kai Xin, Prof. Kun Yan, Mr. Wei Liu
MP-45 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00335 Extending Range of Dual-Motor Electric Vehicle with MPC Mr. Gyeongho Cho, Prof. Changsun Ahn
MP-46 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00333 Energy Management Rule Extraction of Dual-Motor EV from Dynamic Programming Mr. Dongwoo Yoo, Prof. Changsun Ahn
MP-47 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00254 Anomaly Detection of Vacuum Pump for Diagnosis and Prevention of Failuremory Ms. Dowan Kim, Prof. Jaewook Jeon
MP-48 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00223 Display Manufacturing Industrial Robot Anomaly Detection and Classification Using Convolutional Neural Network by Encoding Multi Time Series to Multi Chanel Image Mr. Young Mo Ham, Prof. Jae Wook Jeon
MP-49 Nov. 28 13:20-14:50 Poster P00045 Truck-based Cable driven parallel robot for On-site Applications Mr. Thanh-Hai Nguyen, Prof. Kwan-Woong Gwak
TA1-1 Nov. 29 09:00-09:15 Oral P00227 GYM-Net: Graphical Y-branched Multi-tasking Network for Trajectory Prediction Mr. Taeri Kim, Mr. Junseok Lee, Mr. Seongju Lee, Prof. Kyoobin Lee
TA1-2 Nov. 29 09:15-09:30 Oral P00198 Performance Comparison of Backbone Networks for Multi-Tasking in Self-Driving Operations Mr. Shakhboz Abdigapporov, Mr. Shokhrukh Miraliev, Mr. Jumabek Alikhanov, Dr. Vijay Kakani, Prof. Hakil Kim
TA1-3 Nov. 29 09:30-09:45 Oral P00134 Anomaly Detection of an Air Compressor from Time-series Measurement Data Mr. Myeong-Joon Kim, Dr. Hyun-Jik Cho, Prof. Chul-Goo Kang
TA1-4 Nov. 29 09:45-10:00 Oral P00119 EventPointNet: Robust Keypoint Detection with Neuromorphic Camera Data Mr. Howoong Jun, Graduate Student Sangil Lee, Prof. Songhwai Oh
TA1-5 Nov. 29 10:00-10:15 Oral P00103 Neural-net based Controller for Rotary Inverted Pendulum systems Mr. Dongbeom Kim, Prof. Jun Moon
TA1-6 Nov. 29 10:15-10:30 Oral P00013 Fuzzy Reinforcement Learning Based Trajectory-tracking Control of an Autonomous Mobile Robot Graduate Student Muhammad Qomaruz Zaman, Dr. Hsiu-Ming Wu
TA10-1 Nov. 29 09:00-09:15 Oral P00361 Application of Visual Inertial Odometry for Pose Estimation of a Mobile Robot Ms. Boeun Lee, Prof. Nakyong Ko, Prof. Hong Gi Yeom
TA10-2 Nov. 29 09:15-09:30 Oral P00336 Fault Detection in Inertial Measurement Unit and Global Navigation Satellite System of an Unmanned surface vehicle Mr. Gyeongsub Song, Prof. Nak Yong Ko, Dr. Hyun Taek Choi, Dr. Joono Sur
TA10-3 Nov. 29 09:30-09:45 Oral P00328 Dead Reckoning of a Mobile Robot in 2-Dimensional Special Euclidean Group Mr. Da Bin Jeong, Prof. Nak Yong Ko
TA10-4 Nov. 29 09:45-10:00 Oral P00319 Multi-Functional Brain Computer Interface Using Convolutional Neural Networks Mr. Woosung Choi, Prof. Hong Gi Yeom, Prof. Nak Yong Ko
TA10-5 Nov. 29 10:00-10:15 Oral P00101 Development of robot control interface using EMG Data Mr. Shogo Sekiguchi
TA11-1 Nov. 29 09:00-09:15 Oral P00473 Anomaly detection model using time serise dataset of small manufacturing industry Mr. Jong Hyuk Lee, Mr. Gun-Oh Lee, Dr. Sung-Hyuk Choi, Prof. Min Young Kim
TA11-2 Nov. 29 09:15-09:30 Oral P00441 Magnetic Recording Reliability Evaluation Mr. Ekkaphon Phonyiam, Dr. Ponrudee Netisopakul
TA11-3 Nov. 29 09:30-09:45 Oral P00370 Simultaneous Optimization of Task Allocation and Path Planning Using Mixed-Integer Programming for Time and Capacity Constrained Multi-Agent Pickup and Delivery Mr. Takuma Okubo, Dr. Masaki Takahashi
TA11-4 Nov. 29 09:45-10:00 Oral P00226 Applied to reuse steam condensate water in Medium petrochemical plant to boiler feed water Dr. Sirichai Tammaruckwattana, Mr. Apinan Seekhieo, Dr. Narin Tammarugwattana
TA11-5 Nov. 29 10:00-10:15 Oral P00060 PFDL: A Production Flow Description Language for an Order-Controlled Production Mr. Peter Detzner, Mr. Andreas Ebner, Mr. Maximilian Hoerstrup, Dr. Sören Kerner
TA11-6 Nov. 29 10:15-10:30 Oral P00053 AI-Enhanced Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing Processes Dr. Ponrudee Netisopakul, Ms. Nawarat Phumee
TA2-1 Nov. 29 09:00-09:15 Oral P00260 Autonomous Drone Surveillance in a Known Environment Using Reinforcement Learning Ms. Mengyi Gao, Mr. Xiaowei Xing, Prof. Dong Eui Chang
TA2-2 Nov. 29 09:15-09:30 Oral P00162 Terrain Following of Tiltrotor UAV using MPC and Nonlinear Disturbance Observer-based Backstepping Mr. Jayden Dongwoo Lee, Mr. Minwoo Kang, Mr. Seungjun Han, Prof. Hyochoong Bang
TA2-3 Nov. 29 09:30-09:45 Oral P00031 The Robust Gait of a Tilt-rotor and Its Application to Tracking Control -- Application of Two Color Map Theorem Mr. Zhe Shen, Prof. Takeshi Tsuchiya
TA2-4 Nov. 29 09:45-10:00 Oral P00018 Autonomous Flying Robot for the Seismic Exploration Dr. Grigoriy Yashin, Mr. Nikita Mikhailovskiy, Mr. Valerii Serpiva, Dr. Anton Egorov, Dr. Pavel Golikov
TA2-5 Nov. 29 10:00-10:15 Oral P00022 Hybrid Gradient Vector Fields Based on Maneuver Space for Path-following Guidance Dr. Yiyang Zhao, Dr. Zhen Yang
TA3-1 Nov. 29 09:00-09:15 Oral P00307 A Practical Method to Improve the Tracking Performance of PID control Dr. Junyoung Lee, Dr. Byeonggi Yu, Graduate Student Sang Hyun Park, Dr. Maolin Jin
TA3-2 Nov. 29 09:15-09:30 Oral P00293 Implicit Model Predictive Control for Discretized Brayton-Moser Equations Dr. Tomoaki Hashimoto
TA3-3 Nov. 29 09:30-09:45 Oral P00237 The Design of PI + Approximation 2 Degree of Freedom Cascade Controller for Vertical Coupled Liquid Tank System Dr. Satit Mangkalajan, Dr. Wittaya Koodtalang, Dr. Thaksin Sangsuwan, Dr. Chirdpong Deelertpaiboon, Dr. Kamon Jirasereeamornkul
TA3-4 Nov. 29 09:45-10:00 Oral P00186 T-S fuzzy controller design for Rotary Inverted Pendulum with input delay using Wirtinger-based inequality Mr. Yeongjae Kim, Mr. Yonggwon Lee, Dr. Seunghoon Lee, Prof. Ohmin Kwon
TA3-5 Nov. 29 10:00-10:15 Oral P00167 Reset control of Torsional Vibration Dr. Masataka Iwai
TA3-6 Nov. 29 10:15-10:30 Oral P00034 Stability of Switching Linear Uncertain Systems via switching time-varying Lyapunov functions Ms. Huimin Zheng, Dr. Yuangong Sun
TA4-1 Nov. 29 09:00-09:15 Oral P00378 Study on Cooperative Air-to-Ground Surveillance Planning and Controlling for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Dr. Chai Shiyuan, Prof. Yang Zhen
TA4-2 Nov. 29 09:15-09:30 Oral P00353 Smartphone based Indoor Localization Technology using 1D CNN-BLSTM Mr. Changsoo Yu, Dr. Beomju Shin, Prof. Chung G. Kang, Dr. Jung Ho Lee, Mr. Hankyeol Kyung, Mr. Taehun Kim, Dr. Taikjin Lee
TA4-3 Nov. 29 09:30-09:45 Oral P00344 Real-time and Precise Indoor Localization System in Multi-Floor Buildings for Pedestrian using Cloud Platform Mr. Taehun Kim, Dr. Beomju Shin, Prof. Chung G. Kang, Dr. Jung Ho Lee, Mr. Changsoo Yu, Mr. Hankyeol Kyung, Mr. Donghyun Shin, Dr. Taikjin Lee
TA4-4 Nov. 29 09:45-10:00 Oral P00220 Development of Passive Guidance Scheme for the Sample Return System from the International Space Station Mr. Youngro Lee, Prof. Dae Young Lee
TA4-5 Nov. 29 10:00-10:15 Oral P00219 Deep reinforcement learning-based robust missile guidance Mr. Jeongsu Ahn, Prof. Jongho Shin, Prof. Hyeonggeun Kim
TA4-6 Nov. 29 10:15-10:30 Oral P00027 Three-dimensional Multi-missile Cooperative Guidance Law with Time and Space Constraints Mr. Jian Meng, Dr. Zhen Yang, Dr. Jichuan Huang, Dr. Haiyin Piao, Dr. Yiyang Zhao, Prof. Deyun Zhou
TA5-1 Nov. 29 09:00-09:15 Oral P00426 Passive Transformable Fingertip to Augment Tableware Grasp Capability Mr. Haejun Seong, Mr. Youngjin Hong, Mr. Hong-Ryul Jung, Mr. Myeongyun Doh, Prof. Jonghyun Kim, Prof. Hyungpil Moon
TA5-2 Nov. 29 09:15-09:30 Oral P00425 NODE IK: Solving Inverse Kinematics with Neural Ordinary Differential Equations for Path Planning Mr. Suhan Park, Prof. Mathew Schwartz, Prof. Jaeheung Park
TA5-3 Nov. 29 09:30-09:45 Oral P00259 IMU-based Online Kinematic Model Parameter Estimation for Four-Wheeled Skid-Steering Mobile Robot Desired Motion Tracking on Different Terrains Mr. Kai Li, Mr. Le Bao, Prof. Chang Soo Han, Prof. Kyoosik Shin, Prof. Wansoo Kim
TA5-4 Nov. 29 09:45-10:00 Oral P00179 Augmented Reality Display of Robot with Graphs of Property Response Using Its USD Model Mr. Kazuki Tsukamoto, Prof. Masanobu Koga
TA5-5 Nov. 29 10:00-10:15 Oral P00173 Linear lateral motion model for urban delivery skid steering robot Mr. Taewon Kang, Mr. Sungwoo Cho, Mr. Changhyeon Park, Mr. Sangmin Lee
TA5-6 Nov. 29 10:15-10:30 Oral P00120 Deorbiting of Satellites by a Free-Flying Space Robot by Combining Positioning Control and Impedance Control Mr. Kohei Koga, Dr. Yoshiro Fukui
TA5-7 Nov. 29 10:30-10:45 Oral P00429 Structural Analysis on Flexible Skin of Emotional Support Robot Dr. Moon Woo Park
TA6-1 Nov. 29 09:00-09:15 Oral 0 Various approaches for estimating tire states in vehicle driving condition Prof. Dongwook Lee
TA6-2 Nov. 29 09:15-09:30 Oral P00423 Characterizing performance of attitude sensor in agricultural tasks Dr. Wonpil Yu, Mr. Eulgyoon Lim
TA6-3 Nov. 29 09:30-09:45 Oral P00355 Simultaneous use of Autonomy Guidance Haptic Feedback and Obstacle Avoiding Force Feedback for Mobile Robot Teleoperation Dr. Kwang-Hyun Lee, Dr. Harsimran Singh, Dr. Thomas Hulin, Prof. Jee-Hwan Ryu
TA6-4 Nov. 29 09:45-10:00 Oral P00190 A Vision-based Target Tracking and Intuitive Control Strategy for a Mobile Robot: An Application to Worker Following Systems Mr. Hyeongrok Yoo, Graduate Student Konchanok Vorasawad, Mr. Junseo Lee, Prof. Changwon Kim
TA6-5 Nov. 29 10:00-10:15 Oral P00124 Development of Volumetric Image Descriptor for Urban Object Classification Using 3D LiDAR Based on Convolutional Neural Network Prof. Sejin Lee
TA7-1 Nov. 29 09:00-09:15 Oral P00327 Real time optimization using on-line data and modifier adaptation scheme Prof. Dong Hwi Jeong, Graduate Student Sung Hun Kim
TA7-2 Nov. 29 09:15-09:30 Oral P00318 Nonlinear MPC with reference optimization for battery thermal management Mr. Sanghoon Shin, Mr. Changbeom Hong, Prof. Yeonsoo Kim
TA7-3 Nov. 29 09:30-09:45 Oral P00289 Stochastic Hybrid Model Predictive Control for Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle Mr. Hyun Min Park, Prof. Jong Min Lee
TA7-4 Nov. 29 09:45-10:00 Oral P00269 Zone-Model Predictive Control for Efficient Thermal Management of Battery Submodule Mr. Hyeonwoo Cho, Graduate Student Changbeom Hong, Dr. Se-Kyu Oh, Dr. Daeki Hong, Prof. Yeonsoo Kim
TA7-5 Nov. 29 10:00-10:15 Oral P00213 Optimal Control of Polymer Grade Change in LDPE Autoclave Reactor based on Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Mr. Joonsoo Park, Prof. Jong Min Lee
TA8-1 Nov. 29 09:00-09:15 Oral P00358 Vibration Control of Suspended Load System by Bias Momentum Method Dr. Toshihiko Nakano
TA8-2 Nov. 29 09:15-09:30 Oral P00092 Operational Capabilities on the Nanosatellite Attitude Control Actuated by Electropermanent Magnetorquer Dr. Youngho Eun, Mr. Zhicheng Xie, Mr. Zihao Wang, Dr. Xiaofeng Wu
TA8-3 Nov. 29 09:30-09:45 Oral P00338 Forward Matching Fusion Algorithm for PDR based on Geomagnetic Fingerprint Map Mr. Yuke Li, Mr. Pengju Wang, Graduate Student Tong Li, Dr. Yinxuan Liu, Prof. Shigeyuki Tateno
TA8-4 Nov. 29 09:45-10:00 Oral P00163 Automatic Structural Identification and Vibration Suppression of Industrial Robots using a Custom Active Damper Mr. Michael Newman, Dr. Matt Khoshdarregi
TA8-5 Nov. 29 10:00-10:15 Oral P00339 Magnetic Gear Based Actuator: Design and Optimization Mr. Hangyeol Song, Mr. Edgar Lee, Prof. Seokhwan Jeong
TA8-6 Nov. 29 10:15-10:30 Oral P00064 A Novel Technique For Indoor Object Distance Measurement By Using 3D Point Cloud and LiDAR Ms. Jisoo Kim, Prof. Dongik Lee
TA9-1 Nov. 29 09:00-09:15 Oral P00255 Data-driven Modeling and Control for Lane Keeping System of Automated Driving Vehicles: Koopman Operator Approach Mr. Jin Sung Kim, Ms. Ying Shuai Quan, Prof. Chung Choo Chung
TA9-2 Nov. 29 09:15-09:30 Oral P00317 Model Predictive Control of Robot Arm Using Momentum-Based Disturbance Observer Mr. Jehwi Yoo, Prof. Back Juhoon, Mr. Lee Seungmin
TA9-3 Nov. 29 09:30-09:45 Oral P00112 Relative distance estimate between railway vehicles from the perspective of multi-agent network localization based on sign rigidity theory in 2-D space Dr. Seong-Ho Kwon, Dr. Byung-Hun Lee, Prof. Hyo-Sung Ahn
TA9-4 Nov. 29 09:45-10:00 Oral P00090 Stability Analysis of a Singularly Perturbed System based on INDI Dr. Tito J. L. Cervantes, Dr. Yoonsoo Kim
TA9-5 Nov. 29 10:00-10:15 Oral P00067 Network-Based Goal Selection for Multi-Goal Reinforcement Learning Based on Maximum Entropy Framework Dr. Myoung Hoon Lee, Prof. Hyun Jong Yang, Prof. Jun Moon
TP-1 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00374 FPGA-based fast eye detection method for edge device Ms. Jin Young Byun, Prof. Jae Wook Jeon
TP-2 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00221 Visual-Inertial Odometry Priors for Bundle-Adjusting Neural Radiance Fields Ms. Hyunjin Kim, Ms. Minkyeong Song, Ms. Daekyeong Lee, Prof. Pyojin Kim
TP-3 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00197 A Monocular Camera Bird-Eye-View Generation using Lane Markers Prior Dr. Muhammad Aasim Rafique, Graduate Student Muhammad Ishfaq Hussain, Graduate Student Shikha Dubey, Graduate Student Khurbaev Sayfullokh Maripjon Ugli, Prof. Moongu Jeon
TP-4 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00170 Multimodal Fusion and Data Augmentation for 3D Semantic Segmentation Mr. Dong He, Mr. Furqan Abid, Prof. Jonghwan Kim
TP-5 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00145 Range-view (RV) Based Semantic Segmentation of Outdoor Point Cloud with Data Augmentation Mr. Furqan Abid, Mr. Dong He, Prof. Jonghwan Kim
TP-6 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00077 Multi-modal Transformer for Indoor Human Action Recognition Mr. Jeonghyeok Do, Prof. Munchurl Kim
TP-7 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00030 Performance Enhancement Step for Motion Estimation via Feature-based Image Matching Mr. Keita Miyaura, Dr. Armagan Elibol, Prof. Nak-Young Chong
TP-8 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00476 Monocular Depth Estimation with SimpleGate and ASPP Prof. Hyo-Sung Ahn, Mr. Jaewoo Jeong, Prof. Hyun-Duk Choi
TP-9 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00176 A Study on Kimchi Picking Recognition for Flexible Packaging Mr. Dongin Shin, Mr. Buiminh Trung, Ms. Min-Young Cho, Mr. Bong-Seok Kim, Dr. Youngouk Kim
TP-10 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00065 Object-aware Anomaly Generation for Anomaly Detection on Real-World Dataset Mr. Minsung Kim, Prof. Euntai Kim
TP-11 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00253 Survey on Emotion Recognition Databases Ms. Juyoung Hong, Ms. Yujin Hwang, Mr. Gwangjin Lee, Prof. Yukyung Choi
TP-12 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00421 LSTM-based Temperature Modeling for Cooling Control used by Smartplug Mr. Jeong-Hwan Kim, Mr. Sung Been Jang, Mr. Hyun Woo Lim, Prof. Taesam Kang, Prof. Jungkeun Park
TP-13 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00039 State Estimation and Monitoring Method for Micro E-mobilities based on IoT and AI Dr. Koog-Hwan Oh, Graduate Student Ki Hyeon Kim, Dr. Hyun-Chang Cho
TP-14 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00011 Distillation Column Machine Learning Model Controlled By Optimized DMC Dr. Haitham Osman, Dr. Amir Arabi
TP-15 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00351 Conceptual Design of Safe and Intelligent Personal Mobility : SiKick Graduate Student Beom Jin Lee, Prof. Seul Jung
TP-16 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00228 Improved Dynamic Window Approach using the jerk model Mr. Ziang Lin, Mr. Ryo Taguchi
TP-17 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00202 Toward an automatic diagnostic scanning robotic system using ultrasound images Mr. Siheon An, Prof. Seong Young Ko
TP-18 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00165 Force Control of a Foldable Robot Arm in a Drone for a Solar Panel Cleaning Task Graduate Student Ye Jin Choi, Prof. Seul Jung
TP-19 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00464 Deep Reinforcement Learning based Modified Dynamic Window Approach Ms. Yaeohn Kim, Graduate Student Sungjun Wang, Graduate Student Junghyun Seo, Graduate Student Hyeonjae Jeon, Prof. Yongseob Lim
TP-20 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00461 Cable-driven Redundant Flexible Manipulator Prof. Sooyeong Yi
TP-21 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00435 An Experimental Study of Sequential Collaboration for Robot Manipulation Task Dr. Seonghyun Kim, Mr. Samyeul Noh, Dr. Ingook Jang
TP-22 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00414 Analysis of Wave Generator Stiffness Tendency Based on the Position of Bearing Balls Mr. Hankun Yeon, Dr. Joo Han Kim, Dr. Myungsung Lee
TP-23 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00380 An Experimental Study of Collaborative Robot Manipulation via Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Dr. Ingook Jang, Dr. Hyunseok Kim, Dr. Seonghyun Kim
TP-24 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00258 An Efficient Sampling-based Path Planner with Progressively-Generated Local Goals in Corridor Environments Mr. Seokyoung Kim, Prof. Heoncheol Lee
TP-25 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00241 Design of Active Knee-type Prosthetic Leg using Worm Gear for Lower Limb Amputee Mr. Ji Woon Lee, Prof. Hak Yi, Dr. Hyun Soo Woo
TP-26 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00215 Multi-joint dummy robot for the performance evaluation of the lower-limb wearable robot Mr. Chang-Hwan Lee, Prof. Kwan-Woong Gwak
TP-27 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00193 Magnetically Actuated Capsule for Multiple-Sampling of Gut Microbiota Mr. Sang Hyeon Park, Prof. Sukho Park
TP-28 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00114 Drug-Loaded Mucoadhesive Patch with Active Delivery and Controlled Releasing Ability Mr. Jihun Lee, Prof. Sukho Park
TP-29 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00480 Novel Design of Series Elastic Actuator for High Precision Measurement with High Torque Capacity Mr. Wonbum Yun, Dr. Junyoung Kim, Prof. Sehoon Oh
TP-30 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00502 Development and verification of a novel localization method of magnetic Maker Mr. Jiho Park, Prof. Jungwon Yoon
TP-31 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00471 Design of Multi-channel Load Cell Amplifier for 3-axis Ground Reaction Force Measurement of Powered Exoskeleton for Paraplegics Mr. Eunseok Song, Ms. Jihun Seong, Prof. Hyunjin Choi
TP-32 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00470 A Robust Slip-Adaptive Radar Ego-Speed Estimation Against Dynamic Objects for UAVs Mr. Ji Woo Kim, Mr. Lim Hyung Goo, Mr. Jun Oh Choi, Mr. Hoang Viet Do, Prof. Jin Woo Song
TP-33 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00455 A Robust State Estimator for Legged Robots using Visual-Inertial-Leg Kinematics Information in the Wild Mr. Byeongho Yu, Mr. Yeeun Kim, Graduate Student Jinwoo Jeon, Mr. I Made Aswin Nahrendra, Mr. Hyun Myung
TP-34 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00346 Multi-folding system by using arc-shaped SMA actuator units Mr. Hangyeol Baek, Prof. Youngshik Kim
TP-35 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00343 SMA-based jellyfish robot by using a multiple-circle pattern Mr. Sangmin Jeon, Prof. Youngshik Kim
TP-36 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00159 Flexible Haptic Interface with Localized Feedback Dr. Dongbum Pyo
TP-37 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00142 Magnetically Steerable Asymmetric Magnetized Soft Continuum Robot (AMSCR) for Minimally Invasive Surgery Mr. Joowon Park, Mr. Hyoryong Lee, Prof. Sukho Park
TP-38 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00095 Design of Proprioceptive Flexible Robotic Fingers with Integrated Soft Optoelectronic Sensors Mr. Hyunje Ahn, Dr. Babar Jamil, Prof. Hugo Rodrigue
TP-39 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00093 Design and Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Suction Cup Mr. Yeongjae Park, Mr. Jiseong Shin, Prof. Hugo Rodrigue
TP-40 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00091 Bending, Extension, and Twisting Actuations by Variable Arrangements of Inflatable Tubes Mr. Haneol Lee, Prof. Hugo Rodrigue
TP-41 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00058 Development of Soft Foldable Bidirectional Bending Actuator for Robotic Joint Mr. Namsoo Oh, Prof. Hugo Rodrigue
TP-42 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00051 Vibration-informed Force Sensing using Machine Learning for Vacuum Artificial Muscle Mr. Gijun Park, Prof. Hugo Rodrigue
TP-43 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00029 Folding Method for Pneumatically Inflatable Link using a Tendon Driven System Dr. Useok Jeong, Graduate Student Sung-Yol Yu, Graduate Student Minjo Park, Dr. Woongbae Kim, Prof. Kyu-Jin Cho
TP-44 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00025 Development of In-Drum Motor Winch System for Cable Driven Parallel Robot Mr. Min-Cheol Kim, Dr. Chang-Sei Kim
TP-45 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00054 Workpiece surface defects recognition based on improved lightweight YOLOv4 Mr. Donghua Hu, Mr. Defu Chen, Prof. Kun Yan, Mr. Yu Cao
TP-46 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00340 Metallurgy Model based Feature Reduction for Predicting Yield-Point of Metal Bars Ms. Yejin Kim, Mr. Jungi Kim, Prof. Young-Keun Kim
TP-47 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00277 An Empirical Evaluation of SAC and DDPG on Robotic Manipulation Tasks Mr. Samyeul Noh, Dr. Seonghyun Kim, Dr. Ingook Jang
TP-48 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00238 The First Study of Local Defocus Automatic Control System for Industry4.0 of Semiconductor Manufacturing Mr. Taesu Shin
TP-49 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00204 Development of a Safety Monitoring System for Hazardous Areas in the Manufacturing Environments Mr. Sangseung Kang
TP-50 Nov. 29 13:20-14:50 Poster P00189 Process of Gripping and Placing for Cylindrical Objects using a 2-Jaw Gripper and RGB-D Camera Mr. Keunhwan Kim, Dr. Byung-Jin Jung, Mr. Dongin Shin, Dr. Jung-Hoon Hwang
TB3-1 Nov. 29 16:00-16:15 Oral P00415 Analysis of eventual trajectories of a Zeta-converter under Lyapunov-function-based switched control Prof. Yoshito Ohta, Mr. Naoki Gen
TB3-2 Nov. 29 16:15-16:30 Oral P00389 On Use of Output Redefinition in Disturbance Observer Design for Non-square Systems: A Preliminary Study Prof. Gyunghoon Park, Mr. Sang-Muk Kang, Graduate Student Sunseok Byeon
TB3-3 Nov. 29 16:30-16:45 Oral P00368 Comparative Study of Static Stabilizing Controller Design by Nuclear Norm Minimization and Alternating Projection Mr. Yu Iwai, Prof. Masaaki Nagahara, Prof. Noboru Sebe
TB3-4 Nov. 29 16:45-17:00 Oral P00345 Computing Spectrum of Monodromy Operators via Generalized Hermite Interpolation Mr. Dohyeok Kwak, Prof. Jung Hoon Kim, Prof. Tomomichi Hagiwara
TB3-5 Nov. 29 17:00-17:15 Oral P00305 The $L_{\infty}$-Gain Analysis for Time-Delay Systems via Ellipsoidal $\mathcal{D}$-invariance Mr. Hyung Tae Choi, Prof. Jung Hoon Kim
WA1-1 Nov. 30 09:00-09:15 Oral P00432 Analyzing Angle detection in aerial image Mr. Donyung Kim, Prof. Sungho Kim
WA1-2 Nov. 30 09:15-09:30 Oral P00416 ROI area that can increase SNR of non-contact heart rate measurement based on face image using 2D camera Ms. Seongryeong Lee, Prof. Sungho Kim
WA1-3 Nov. 30 09:30-09:45 Oral P00410 Research Trend Analysis for EO-IR Image Registration Mr. Taeseok Lee, Prof. Sungho Kim
WA1-4 Nov. 30 09:45-10:00 Oral P00400 A comparative survey on SAR image segmentation using deep learning Mr. Ohtae Jang, Ms. Sangho Jo, Prof. Sungho Kim
WA1-5 Nov. 30 10:00-10:15 Oral P00393 Image classification using DETR based object-level feature Ms. Chung-Gi Ban, Ms. Dayoung Park, Prof. Youngbae Hwang
WA1-6 Nov. 30 10:15-10:30 Oral P00391 Infrared Dataset Training using Swin Transformer model Ms. Yeonha Shin, Prof. Sungho Kim
WA2-1 Nov. 30 09:00-09:15 Oral P00424 Thrust Control of Biomimetic Micro Air Vehicle with Flapping Wings Directly Driven by Motors in Resonant Frequency Mr. Seunghee Jeong, Prof. Taesam Kang, Prof. Jungkeun Park, Mr. Daewook Kim, Mr. Seungik Choi
WA2-2 Nov. 30 09:15-09:30 Oral P00342 Real-Time Trajectory Generation of a Quadrotor UAV with Load Suspended from a Pulley Mr. Donggeon David Oh, Mr. Jeonghyun Byun, Graduate Student Dongjae Lee
WA2-3 Nov. 30 09:30-09:45 Oral P00337 Microphone System Based Path Following Control of Quadrotor Unmanned Vehicle Autonomous Flight Mr. Taeyoung Yoon, Prof. Chang Hyuk-Jun
WA2-4 Nov. 30 09:45-10:00 Oral P00247 Minimalistic in-flight odometry based on two optic flow sensors along a bouncing trajectory Ms. Lucia Bergantin, Dr. Charles Coquet, Dr. Amaury Negre, Dr. Thibaut Raharijaona, Dr. Nicolas Marchand, Dr. Franck Ruffier
WA2-5 Nov. 30 10:00-10:15 Oral P00139 FCPNet : A novel model to predict forward collision based-upon CNN Mr. Hervé B. Olou, Prof. Eugène C. Ezin, Prof. Jean Marie Dembele, Prof. Christophe Cambier
WA2-6 Nov. 30 10:15-10:30 Oral P00040 A Maneuver Control Method for Stealthy Engagement in Beyond-visual-range Air Combat Based on Sliding Mode Control Ms. Yue Liu, Dr. Zhen Yang
WA3-1 Nov. 30 09:00-09:15 Oral P00311 Efficacy of Local Cache for Performance Improvement of Reliable Data Transmission in Aggregated Robot Processing Architecture Mr. Abdul Jalil, Mr. Jun Kobayashi
WA3-2 Nov. 30 09:15-09:30 Oral P00136 Event-triggered control approach to a ball-and-beam system Ms. Ji-Sun Park, Prof. Sang-Young Oh, Prof. Ho-Lim Choi
WA3-3 Nov. 30 09:30-09:45 Oral P00129 Finite-time stability of uncertain singular systems based on time-varying Lyapunov Ms. Mei Meng, Dr. Yuangong Sun
WA3-4 Nov. 30 09:45-10:00 Oral P00073 Nonlinear PDE control of flexible robotic arms for state tracking and link-deflection mitigation Dr. Sadeq Yaqubi, Prof. Jouni Mattila
WA3-5 Nov. 30 10:00-10:15 Oral P00033 Dwell time stability of discrete-time positive linear switching delay systems with interval uncertainties Mr. Chao Wang, Dr. Yuangong Sun
WA3-6 Nov. 30 10:15-10:30 Oral P00026 Fault detection asynchronous filter design for discrete-time Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy systems under cyber attacks Dr. Ramalingam Sakthivel, Dr. Ramasamy Kavikumar, Prof. Ohmin Kwon
WA3-7 Nov. 30 10:30-10:45 Oral P00012 Design of nonlinear controller based on ADAR method for wedge balancing Dr. Nguyen Xuan Chiem, Dr. Le Tran Thang
WA4-1 Nov. 30 09:00-09:15 Oral P00169 Volumetric Vegetation Monitoring from LiDAR Scans with Ground Estimation Graduate Student Alex Junho Lee, Graduate Student Hyungtae Lim, Graduate Student Minho Oh, Graduate Student Wonho Song, Prof. Hyun Myung
WA4-2 Nov. 30 09:15-09:30 Oral P00281 Semantic SLAM-based Autonomous Tributary Navigation System Using 3D LiDAR Point Cloud for UAV Ms. Jeonghyeon Pak, Prof. Hyoung Il Son
WA4-3 Nov. 30 09:30-09:45 Oral P00282 Modeling and Control of Multi-UAV System for Tributary Mapping based on Hybrid Automata Mr. Jaehwi Seol, Ms. Jeonghyeon Pak, Prof. Hyoung Il Son
WA4-4 Nov. 30 09:45-10:00 Oral P00320 A Path Planning and Coordination Algorithm for Heterogeneous Tasks of Multi-UGV in Smart Farm: Work in Progress Mr. Yuseung Jo, Prof. Hyoung Il Son
WA4-5 Nov. 30 10:00-10:15 Oral P00428 Wheeled Vehicle Teleoperation Method for Unstructured Environment Using Haptic Rendering Algorithm Mr. Yongjun Kim, Mr. Shin-Woo Park, Mr. Jee-Hwan Ryu
WA6-1 Nov. 30 09:00-09:15 Oral P00495 A Comparative Study of Several pH Control Laws Implemented to a Smart Hydroponics Farm Dr. Tanagorn Jennawasin, Mr. Thienrawit Tongskulroongruang
WA6-2 Nov. 30 09:15-09:30 Oral P00286 A Regression Method with Conditional Generative Adversarial Network for Pedestrian Walking Distance Estimation using a Waist-worn IMU Mr. Thanh Tuan Pham, Prof. Young Soo Suh
WA6-3 Nov. 30 09:30-09:45 Oral P00184 Lur'e Type Analysis of Computed Torque Method for Robot Manipulator Mr. Geunil Song, Prof. Jung Hoon Kim
WA6-4 Nov. 30 09:45-10:00 Oral P00113 Design of Supervisory Model Predictive Control for Building HVAC System Subject to Time-Varying Operating Points Mr. Sitthiphat Promchaiwattana, Prof. David Banjerdpongchai
WA6-5 Nov. 30 10:00-10:15 Oral P00096 Development of identification based fuzzy supervisory control for pressure tank system Graduate Student Natcha Suwatanamala, Dr. Napasool Wongvanich
WA6-6 Nov. 30 10:15-10:30 Oral P00057 Membership-Function-Dependent Stability Conditions Using Fuzzy Lyapunov Functions Mr. Kyung Soo Kim, Prof. Hosub Lee, Prof. Poogyeon Park
WA7-1 Nov. 30 09:00-09:15 Oral P00367 Group Estimation for Social Robot Navigation in Crowded Environments Mr. Mincheul Kim, Dr. Youngsun Kwon, Prof. Sung-Eui Yoon
WA7-2 Nov. 30 09:15-09:30 Oral P00365 Open Arms: Open-Source Arms, Hands & Control Ms. Alishba Imran, Dr. David Hanson, Mr. Gerardo Morales, Mr. Vytas Krisciunas
WA7-3 Nov. 30 09:30-09:45 Oral P00354 Development of Cleaning Module for Wall Climbing Drone with Bio-inspired Watering Mechanism Mr. Taewan Kim, Mr. Byeongho Yu, Mr. Christian Tirtawardhana, Mr. I Made Aswin Nahrendra, Prof. Hyun Myung
WA7-4 Nov. 30 09:45-10:00 Oral P00308 PTZ Camera Control on Robot Telemedicine Service for Infectious Diseases Ms. Seongah Park, Dr. Youngsun Kwon, Dr. Yoonseob Lim
WA7-5 Nov. 30 10:00-10:15 Oral P00211 Sliding Mode Control for Nonlinear Characteristic of Hydraulic Manipulators in Teleoperated Control Configuration Graduate Student Dohyun Lim, Graduate Student Jaebeom Park, Dr. Jongwon Park, Prof. Seul Jung
WA7-6 Nov. 30 10:15-10:30 Oral P00118 Monitoring and Controlling the Multiple Mobile Robots in Outdoor Environments Based on IoT Dr. Wittaya Koodtalang, Mr. Satit Mangkalajan, Mr. Thosapron Supsatien, Mr. Phanu Thammalangka, Mr. Wongpaisarn Darawan, Dr. Thaksin Sangsuwan
WA8-1 Nov. 30 09:00-09:15 Oral P00492 Vision-based Tactile Sensor using Random Pattern Mr. Jinhyuk Lee, Dr. Suwoong Lee, Prof. Min Young Kim
WA8-2 Nov. 30 09:15-09:30 Oral P00431 Development of FPGA-based deep learning orthosis actuating system using bio signal data Mr. Ji-Hun Jo, Mr. Mustapha Deji Dere, Prof. Boreom Lee, Mr. Hyeong-Jun Park
WA8-3 Nov. 30 09:30-09:45 Oral P00386 Walk Error Compensation of ToF LiDAR using Zero Crossing Discriminator with Auto Gain Control Amplifier Mr. Young Hwan Choi, Prof. Kuc Tae Yong
WA8-4 Nov. 30 09:45-10:00 Oral P00224 Pressure measurement device via a wireless network for the seat cushion Dr. Sirichai Tammaruckwattana, Mr. Chanchai Hewchaiyapum, Mr. Noppakoon Seangsuwan, Mr. Pasawit Techahongsa, Dr. Narin Tammarugwattana
WA8-5 Nov. 30 10:00-10:15 Oral P00210 Requirement Analysis of Lidar Sensor Setups for Self-Localization in Automated Valet Parking Mr. Marcel Kascha
WA8-6 Nov. 30 10:15-10:30 Oral P00021 Model-Free Sensor Fusion for Redundant Measurements Using Sliding Window Variance Mr. Petri Makinen, Mr. Pauli Mustalahti, Ms. Sirpa Launis, Prof. Jouni Mattila
WA8-7 Nov. 30 10:30-10:45 Oral P00146 Epersist: A Two-Wheeled Self Balancing Robot Using PID Controller And Deep Reinforcement Learning Mr. Ghanta Sai Krishna, Graduate Student Dyavat Sumith, Graduate Student Garika Akshay
WA9-1 Nov. 30 09:00-09:15 Oral P00434 The Improvement of 1D Gaussian Blur Filter using AVX and OpenMP Ms. Nwe Zin Oo
WA9-2 Nov. 30 09:15-09:30 Oral P00245 The estimation of VaR and ES based on Gaussian mixture model Ms. Yue Li, Mr. Jianhua Wu
WA9-3 Nov. 30 09:30-09:45 Oral P00168 Prediction of Dangerous Pedestrians using Distance and Stance Estimation Dr. Stephanie Nix, Ms. Kana Koishi, Dr. Hirokazu Madokoro, Dr. Takashi K. Saito, Dr. Kazuhito Sato
WA9-4 Nov. 30 09:45-10:00 Oral P00102 Body Part Detection in Smoky Environments with Thermal Camera Using Deep Learning Mr. Sebastian Gelfert
WA9-5 Nov. 30 10:00-10:15 Oral P00062 Prediction of Time-Series Brain Activity Changes Before and After Near-Miss Events in Snow Traffic Conditions Mr. Yuto Shoji, Dr. Hirokazu Madokoro, Dr. Stephanie Nix, Prof. Kazuki Saruta, Prof. Takashi K. Saito, Prof. Kazuhito Sato
WA9-6 Nov. 30 10:15-10:30 Oral P00052 Readiness Estimation for a Take-Over Request in Automated Driving on an Expressway Mr. Ryohei Suzuki, Dr. Hirokazu Madokoro, Dr. Stephanie Nix, Prof. Kazuki Saruta, Prof. Takashi K. Saito, Prof. Kazuhito Sato
WA9-7 Nov. 30 10:30-10:45 Oral P00049 Prediction of Local PM2.5 Concentrations Based on Time-Series Feature Learning Using Multivariate LSTM Dr. Hirokazu Madokoro, Ms. Saki Nemoto, Dr. Stephanie Nix, Prof. Osamu Kiguchi, Dr. Atsushi Suetsugu, Dr. Takeshi Nagayoshi, Prof. Kazuhito Sato
WA10-1 Nov. 30 09:00-09:15 Oral P00325 Cable Instance Segmentation with Synthetic Data Generation Mr. Assefa Seyoum Wahd, Dr. Donghyung Kim, Dr. Seung-Ik Lee
WA10-2 Nov. 30 09:15-09:30 Oral P00267 Qualitative Analysis of Single Object and Multi Object Tracking Models Ms. Sumaira Manzoor
WA10-3 Nov. 30 09:30-09:45 Oral P00150 Nonlinear Regression of Ink Spreading Using a General Ellipse Model Dr. Hyungtae Kim, Dr. Juhea Kim, Ms. Miyeon Kwon
WA10-4 Nov. 30 09:45-10:00 Oral P00104 Working Time and Self-Assessment on Nut Size Distinction Skill of Marine Engineers Prof. Kazumitsu Kikuchi
WA10-5 Nov. 30 10:00-10:15 Oral P00009 The development and application of image classification techniques to analyze the hair amount for hair transplantation Dr. Anuntapat Anuntachai, Ms. Sirinada Sukserm, Ms. Nattakarn Chaiyotmanon
WA10-6 Nov. 30 10:15-10:30 Oral P00008 Development of Self-Training Algorithm for Predicting Mango Maturity Mr. Nguyen Minh Trieu, Prof. Nguyen Truong Thinh
WA10-7 Nov. 30 10:30-10:45 Oral P00443 Multi-sensor-based Target Pose Estimation for Autonomous Precision Perching of Nano Aerial Vehicles Mr. Truong-Dong Do, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Mung, Dr. Ngoc-Phi Nguyen, Ms. Ji-Won Lee, Mr. Yong-Seok Lee, Mr. Seok-Tae Lee, Prof. Sung-Kyung Hong
WA11-1 Nov. 30 09:00-09:15 Oral P00497 Cleaning Up Mislabeled Data via Image Plotting Method and Self-Attention Module Mr. Seung Hyun Ryu, Ms. Hyejin Lee, Mr. Chan Park, Prof. Poogyeon Park
WA11-2 Nov. 30 09:15-09:30 Oral P00496 Stability analysis of time-varying delay system based on a novel generalized integral inequality utilizing finite-interval quadratic polynomial inequalities Mr. Hae Seong Lee, Mr. Jun Hui Lee, Ms. Hyeseung Hong, Prof. Poogyeon Park
WA11-3 Nov. 30 09:30-09:45 Oral P00463 Application to fractional-delayed state approach for sampled-data multi-agent systems Prof. Junmin Park
WA11-4 Nov. 30 09:45-10:00 Oral P00460 Stability analysis of a network controlled helicopter system with asynchronous sampling times Prof. Seok Young Lee
WA11-5 Nov. 30 10:00-10:15 Oral P00402 Frequency-Domain Data Augmentation of Vibration Data for Fault Diagnosis using Deep Neural Networks Ms. Minseon Gwak, Mr. Seung Hyun Ryu, Mr. Yongbeom Park, Mr. Hyeon-Woo Na, Prof. Poogyeon Park
WB1-1 Nov. 30 16:00-16:15 Oral P00387 Trend Analysis of Registration Technology Between Infrared Images Mr. Hyeokmin Kwon, Prof. Sungho Kim
WB1-2 Nov. 30 16:15-16:30 Oral P00384 Explainable artificial intelligence (XAI): How to make image analysis deep learning models transparent Mr. Haekang Song, Prof. Sungho Kim
WB1-3 Nov. 30 16:30-16:45 Oral P00363 Comparative Analysis of IR-IR Image Matching Using Classical Techniques Mr. Seungeon Lee, Mr. Ohtae Jang, Prof. Wangheon Lee, Prof. Sungho Kim
WB1-4 Nov. 30 16:45-17:00 Oral P00322 IR/EO ship detection and tracking using SiamMask Ms. Manar Ahmad Alnaasan, Prof. Sungho Kim
WB1-5 Nov. 30 17:00-17:15 Oral P00234 Semantic Segmentation with Perceiver IO Graduate Student Keoung Hun Choi, Prof. Jong-Eun Ha
WB1-6 Nov. 30 17:15-17:30 Oral P00233 Random Swin Transformer Graduate Student Keoung Hun Choi, Prof. Jong-Eun Ha
WB1-7 Nov. 30 17:30-17:45 Oral P00194 Scene Text Recognition with Multi-Encoders Ms. Wang Yao, Prof. Jong-Eun Ha
WB2-1 Nov. 30 16:00-16:15 Oral P00486 Nonlinear Path-Tracking Control for Unmanned Ground Vehicle Mr. Kwankyun Byeon, Prof. Wonhee Kim
WB2-2 Nov. 30 16:15-16:30 Oral P00485 Path Following Control for Unmanned Ground Vehicle Mr. Hojin Lee, Prof. Wonhee Kim
WB2-3 Nov. 30 16:30-16:45 Oral P00375 Emergency Steering Collision Avoidance and Path Tracking System for City Bus Considering Yaw Response Mr. Sangwon Han, Prof. Kunsoo Huh, Mr. Jaeun Ryu, Mr. Gihoon Kim, Mr. Jaeho Choi
WB2-4 Nov. 30 16:45-17:00 Oral P00287 Iterative LQR with Discrete Barrier States for Efficient Collision Avoidance of Autonomous Vehicle Mr. Minsu Cho, Mr. Yeongseok Lee, Prof. Kyung-Soo Kim
WB2-5 Nov. 30 17:00-17:15 Oral P00261 GRU-Attention based TD3 Network for Mobile Robot Navigation Mr. Jiayao Jia, Mr. Xiaowei Xing, Prof. Dong Eui Chang
WB2-6 Nov. 30 17:15-17:30 Oral P00249 Lidar SLAM Comparison in a Featureless Tunnel Environment Mr. Iulian Filip, Dr. Juhyun Pyo, Mr. Meungsuk Lee, Prof. Hangil Joe
WB3-1 Nov. 30 16:00-16:15 Oral P00390 Adaptive Sequential Gaussian Sum Approximation for High-Resolution Radar Target Tracking with Non-Gaussian Multi-Detection Mr. Chan-Seok Lee, Prof. Won-Sang Ra, Graduate Student Hyong-Chan Cho, Graduate Student Bo-Yong Jung
WB3-2 Nov. 30 16:15-16:30 Oral P00381 Improved Combined Step-size Sign Subband Adaptive Filter Algorithms with Variable Mixing Factors Mr. Minho Lee, Mr. Seongrok Moon, Prof. Poogyeon Park
WB3-3 Nov. 30 16:30-16:45 Oral P00160 Online Fault Detection for Skid Steered UGV using Neural Network Mr. Youngwoo An, Prof. Yongsoon Eun
WB3-4 Nov. 30 16:45-17:00 Oral P00079 Equivalent-Input-Disturbance-Estimator-based Control Design for Polynomial Fuzzy Systems Dr. Palanisamy Selvaraj, Prof. Oh-Min Kwon
WB3-5 Nov. 30 17:00-17:15 Oral P00017 System Identification of Rotor/Radial Magnetic Bearing Dynamics Prof. Hsin-Lin Chiu
WB3-6 Nov. 30 17:15-17:30 Oral P00230 Design of a Multipurpose Combat Mobile Robot using Localization Sensor Mr. Rahul Ranjan, Prof. Joongeup Kye, Prof. Kyung-Oh Lee, Prof. Guhyun Kang
WB4-1 Nov. 30 16:00-16:15 Oral P00180 Multi-Object Perception for Object Grasping on Construction Robots Mr. Myunghwan Jeon, Prof. Ayoung Kim
WB4-2 Nov. 30 16:15-16:30 Oral P00283 Human-centered Robot System for Autonomous Cucumber Harvesting: Preliminary Result Mr. Yonghyun Park, Mr. Jaehwi Seol, Ms. Jeonghyeon Pak, Mr. Yuseung Jo, Mr. Changjo Kim, Prof. Hyoung Il Son
WB4-3 Nov. 30 16:30-16:45 Oral P00359 Design of a Fruit Harvesting Gripper Specialized in Grasping Arbitrary Spherical and Cylindrical Object Mr. Seongmo Choi, Prof. Myun Joong Hwang
WB4-4 Nov. 30 16:45-17:00 Oral P00422 A Multi-Antenna-based Active Tracking System for Localization of Invasive Hornet Vespa velutina Mr. Bosung Kim, Ms. Jeonghyeon Pak, Graduate Student Chanyoung Ju, Prof. Hyoung Il Son
WB5-1 Nov. 30 16:00-16:15 Oral P00369 A Resiliency Coordinator Against Malicious Attacks for Cyber-Physical Systems Prof. Yongsoon Eun, Graduate Student Jaegeun Park, Mr. Yechan Jeong, Prof. Daehoon Kim, Prof. Kyung-Joon Park
WB5-2 Nov. 30 16:15-16:30 Oral P00316 Resource Allocation for Analog Network Coding Based Bidirectional Relaying Dr. Kundan Kandhway
WB5-3 Nov. 30 16:30-16:45 Oral P00257 Symbolic Fault Injection for Plan-based Robotics Mr. Tim Meywerk, Dr. Vladimir Herdt, Prof. Rolf Drechsler
WB5-4 Nov. 30 16:45-17:00 Oral P00161 Empowering The Eclipse Arrowhead Framework with a Digital Twin as a Proxy Service Mr. Abdullah Aziz, Prof. Olov Schelén, Prof. Ulf Bodin, Mr. Lukas Römer, Mr. Sven Erik Jeroschewski, Dr. Johannes Kristan
WB5-5 Nov. 30 17:00-17:15 Oral P00010 Generation of multiphysical state variables in parallel to kinematic motion simulations by means of co-simulation Mr. Patrick Eyring, Dr. Jochen Merhof
WB5-6 Nov. 30 17:15-17:30 Oral P00509 Design and Kinematics Modeling of Flexible Continuum Manipulator for Endoscopic Surgery Mr. Seong Hyeok Jang, Mr. Junhyun Park, Prof. Minho Hwang
WB5-7 Nov. 30 17:30-17:45 Oral P00508 Design of a Multi-bending Flexible Manipulator for Gastrointestinal Surgery Mr. Hyojae Park, Prof. Minho Hwang
WB6-1 Nov. 30 16:00-16:15 Oral P00439 Cooperative Gradient-Free Localization and Tracking of Moving Environmental Boundaries by Teams of Nonholonomic Robots Prof. Alexey S. Matveev
WB6-2 Nov. 30 16:15-16:30 Oral P00295 Efficient Decentralized Multirobot Task Allocation for Maximizing Total Assignments Dr. Shengli Wang, Prof. Youjiang Liu
WB6-3 Nov. 30 16:30-16:45 Oral P00278 Reliable Distributed Fuzzy Control for Leader-Following Consensus of Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems with Time-Varying Communication Delays Mr. Yong Hoon Jang, Prof. Han Sol Kim
WB6-4 Nov. 30 16:45-17:00 Oral P00250 A Multi-robot Navigation Framework using Semantic Knowledge for Logistics Environment Mr. Jun-Hyeon Choi, Graduate Student Sang-Hyeon Bae, Graduate Student Sung-Hyeon Joo, Graduate Student Ye-Chan An, Prof. Hyunjin Park, Prof. Tae-Yong Kuc
WB6-5 Nov. 30 17:00-17:15 Oral P00135 Pinning synchronization for nonlinear multi-agent system via edge betweenness centrality Mr. Yonggwon Lee, Mr. Yeongjae Kim, Prof. Myeongjin Park, Prof. Ohmin Kwon
WB6-6 Nov. 30 17:15-17:30 Oral P00006 Self-organized aggregation in swarm robots driven by virtual expectation Graduate Student Phan Gia Luan, Prof. Nguyen Truong Thinh
WB7-1 Nov. 30 16:00-16:15 Oral P00420 Localization for mobile robots with a multi-ToF camera system Ms. Chaewon Park, Dr. Junwoo Jason Son, Prof. Soohee Han
WB7-2 Nov. 30 16:15-16:30 Oral P00360 Design for Voltage Control Board of AC Magnetic Coil and its Application to 2D Pose Estimation Mr. Jaehyun Yun, Prof. Sangkyung Sung
WB7-3 Nov. 30 16:30-16:45 Oral P00262 An Improvement of 3D DR/INS/GNSS Integrated System using Inequality Constrained EKF Mr. Hoang Viet Do, Ms. Yeong Seo Kwon, Graduate Student Hak Ju Kim, Prof. Jin Woo Song
WB7-4 Nov. 30 16:45-17:00 Oral P00236 An Integrated Vision/INS/GNSS/Altimeter System for Improved Urban Positioning Dr. Yu Dam Lee, Graduate Student Taek Geun Lee, Prof. Hyung Keun Lee
WB7-5 Nov. 30 17:00-17:15 Oral P00156 Performance Analysis of Visual-Inertial Navigation System with Feature Track Parameters Mr. Jaehyung Jung, Mr. Hanyeol Lee, Prof. Chan Gook Park
WB8-1 Nov. 30 16:00-16:15 Oral P00514 Optimization Algorithm-based Control of an Electromagnetic Actuation System for a Medical Microrobot Manipulation Mr. Cuong Manh Hoang, Dr. Jong Oh Park, Dr. Jayoung Kim
WB8-2 Nov. 30 16:15-16:30 Oral P00513 Stimuli responsive microrobot for medical approaches Dr. Bobby Aditya Darmawan, Prof. Jong-Oh Park, Prof. Eunpyo Choi
WB8-3 Nov. 30 16:30-16:45 Oral P00512 Feasibility study of Magnetic Particle Imaging in Anisotropic Magnetic Navigation System Dr. Kim Tien Nguyen, Graduate Student Phu Minh Bui, Dr. Tuan- Anh Le, Prof. Jungwon Yoon, Prof. Jong-Oh Park, Dr. Jayoung Kim
WB8-4 Nov. 30 16:45-17:00 Oral P00511 Microparticle Targeting Control using Ultrasound Single Beam : A Preliminary Feasibility Study Mr. Daewon Jung, Mr. Hiep Xuan Cao, Mr. Han-Sol Lee, Mr. Ho-Yong Kim, Dr. Jong-Oh Park, Prof. Byungjeon Kang
WB9-1 Nov. 30 16:00-16:15 Oral P00399 Design of 5-DOF Mobile Haptic Interface for Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Ms. Jueun Choi, Dr. Usman Mehmood, Ms. Sangeun Park, Prof. Youngjin Moon, Mr. Jaesoon Choi
WB9-2 Nov. 30 16:15-16:30 Oral P00330 Preliminary study of AR navigation-guided core-needle breast biopsy Graduate Student Nova Eka Diana, Ms. Jegyeong Ryu, Dr. Hee Ryung Lee, Mr. Youngseok O, Dr. Deukhee Lee
WB9-3 Nov. 30 16:30-16:45 Oral P00280 An Estimation Model of Nasopharyngeal Specimen Collection Path for Non-face-to-face Automatic Sampling Robot Mr. Yonghwan Moon, Mr. Jihoon Kim, Dr. Suhun Jung, Dr. Sang Kyung Kim, Dr. Jeongryul Kim, Dr. Keri Kim
WB9-4 Nov. 30 16:45-17:00 Oral P00229 Preliminary Simulation Study of Hyper-Articulated Two-Wire Continuum Interface Dr. Usman Mehmood, Mr. Jaesoon Choi, Prof. Youngjin Moon
WB10-1 Nov. 30 16:00-16:15 Oral P00487 Implementation of 100CMM Thermal Storage Combustion Oxidizer for VOCs Reduction Prof. Dal Hwan Yoon, Prof. Beom-Soon Han, Mr. Hyeon Woo An, Mr. Tae Yeung Lim, Mr. Eun Chan Yang, Mr. Young Woong Kwon, Mr. Chan-Ho Kim, Mr. Sung-Chan Kang, Mr. Min-Ki Jung, Mr. Jong-Geun Kim
WB10-2 Nov. 30 16:15-16:30 Oral P00404 Guide for wavelength selection of LEDs for fNIRS systems Mr. Eugene Jeong, Mr. Minseok Seo, Prof. Kyung-Soo Kim
WB10-3 Nov. 30 16:30-16:45 Oral P00347 Linear time-varying modeling of inter-organ regulatory system Mr. Daisuke Eto, Prof. Takashi Nakakuki, Prof. Jun-Ichi Imura
WB10-4 Nov. 30 16:45-17:00 Oral P00144 A New Metric to Evaluate Material Anisotropy Based on Ultrasound Transverse Wave Imaging Mr. Seungyeop Lee, Prof. Lucy Youngmin Eun, Prof. Jae Youn Hwang, Prof. Yongsoon Eun
WB10-5 Nov. 30 17:00-17:15 Oral P00061 Effect of adjusting the height of an LED light source on plant yields in cultivation systems Prof. Yoshihiko Takahashi, Mr. Kotarou Aihara, Mr. Ryota Tomioka
WB10-6 Nov. 30 17:15-17:30 Oral P00048 Online Competition of Small Electric Vehicle as an Exercise in Design Education - pico-EV Eco Challenge – Dr. Takeharu Hayashi, Prof. Yoshihiko Takahashi, Prof. Keigo Hara, Dr. Yasunori Takemura, Mr. Satoru Yamaguchi
WB10-7 Nov. 30 17:30-17:45 Oral P00007 An Extended Plant Circadian Clock Model for Characterising Flowering Time under Different Light Quality Conditions Ms. Miao Lin Pay, Dr. Jesper Christensen, Dr. Fei He, Dr. Laura Roden, Dr. Hafiz Ahmed, Dr. Mathias Foo
WB11-1 Nov. 30 16:00-16:15 Oral P00294 Improved Stability Criteria for Delay Neural Networks: High-order Matrix-valued Polynomial Approach Mr. Yongbeom Park, Mr. Hyeon-Woo Na, Mr. Chan Park, Prof. Poogyeon Park
WB11-2 Nov. 30 16:15-16:30 Oral P00256 An improved stability criterion for systems with time-varying delays via a new Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional Prof. Seok Young Lee, Prof. Won Il Lee
WB11-3 Nov. 30 16:30-16:45 Oral P00166 A novel NLMS algorithm based on the joint-optimization scheme Prof. Jaewook Shin, Prof. Bum Yong Park, Prof. Jinwoo Yoo
WB11-4 Nov. 30 16:45-17:00 Oral P00122 Local stabilization approach of continuous-time hidden Markovian nonlinear systems Mr. Bao Gia Hong, Prof. Sung Hyun Kim
WB11-5 Nov. 30 17:00-17:15 Oral P00121 Improved stabilization criterion for sampled-data linear systems via a refined looped-functional and novel time-integrated states Graduate Student Khanh Hieu Nguyen, Prof. Sung Hyun Kim
WP-1 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00436 Object Detection based on R-CNN for Investigating Disaster Sites Prof. Sun Young Kim, Mr. Devin Lee, Mr. Haven Lee, Prof. Chang Ho Kang
WP-2 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00427 Classification of Missiles by Optimized 1D-CNN Using Radar Data Ms. A Ran Kim, Mr. Ha Seon Kim, Prof. Chang Ho Kang, Prof. Sun Young Kim
WP-3 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00395 Hybrid Deep Learning Model for Spatiotemporal Photovoltaic Power Generation Forecasting Mr. Won-Hyeon Lee, Mr. Giancarlo Eder Guerra Padilla, Dr. Kun-Jung Kim, Prof. Kee-Ho Yu
WP-4 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00252 4mCPred-Caps: Identification of DNA N4-methylcytosine sites using CapsuleNet Mr. Zeeshan Abbas, Prof. Kil To Chong
WP-5 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00251 i4mC-NN: Identification of 4mC sites in Rosaceae Genome Using Neural Network Architecture With Multiple Encoding Schemes Mr. Mobeen Ur Rehman, Prof. Kil To Chong
WP-6 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00501 Restored Action Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning from observation for robot manipulator Mr. Sejun Park, Mr. Junyeong Kim, Mr. Jongcheon Park, Dr. Seungyong Han, Prof. Sangmoon Lee
WP-7 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00314 Design of Smart Hospital Guide Robot for Elderly Patients Mr. Byeongseon Choi, Prof. Jaebyung Park
WP-8 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00503 A study on map-based outdoor positioning through bumper-mounted dual 3D lidar Mr. Jaehun Jang, Mr. Jihwan Kim, Prof. Kyung Chang Lee
WP-9 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00298 A Study on Robust Decoupling Control System Design for 6-DoF Active Vibration Isolation Table Prof. Youngbok Kim, Graduate Student Tan-Ngoc Nguyen, Dr. Huynh Thinh, Dr. Dong Hun Lee
WP-10 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00297 A Study on Control System Design of A Flying-type Firefighting Robot Using Waterpower and Weight-shifting Mechanism Prof. Youngbok Kim, Graduate Student Cao-Tri Dinh, Dr. Huynh Thinh, Dr. Dong Hun Lee
WP-11 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00290 Gait analysis using dual foot-mounted IMUs and waist-mounted RGB-D camera Mr. Duc Cong Dang, Prof. Young Soo Suh
WP-12 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00449 Adaptive AHP based Mobile Robot Path Planning Algorithm Mr. Junseo Lee, Prof. Changwon Kim
WP-13 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00299 Research on Optimization of End Effector Posture for Welding Robot Dr. Cheolsu Jeong, Graduate Student Youqiang Zhang, Prof. Sangrok Jin
WP-14 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00366 Authentication method by time group of CAN message applying lightweight hash chain Mr. Hyunjun Jang, Dr. Hyeongjun Kim, Dr. Hyun Hee Kim, Prof. Kyung Chang Lee
WP-15 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00500 Design of dead fish recognition algorithm for farmed fish based on Deep Sort Mr. Jung-Ho Kang, Ms. Tatiana Keruzel, Dr. Hyeong-Jun Kim, Dr. Hyun-Hee Kim, Prof. Kyung-Chang Lee
WP-16 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00310 Design of Fishing Net Damage Detection Algorithm using Mesh Hole Grouping Ms. Suyeon Baek, Mr. Jung-Ho Kang, Ms. Keruzel Tatiana, Dr. Hyeongjun Kim, Dr. Hyun Hee Kim, Prof. Kyung Chang Lee
WP-17 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00301 Reduction of Vibration Due to Fast Motion of SCARA Robot Prof. Min Cheol Lee, Graduate Student Songqi Han, Graduate Student Chengqian Li, Graduate Student Jaehyung Kim
WP-18 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00218 Affordance Segmentation and 6D Pose Estimation for Small Object Assembly Manipulation using for Robotic System Graduate Student Hyeran Pyo, Graduate Student Joonyoung Kim, Dr. Dongbum Pyo, Dr. Kwangeun Ko
WP-19 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00192 Robust Feature Tracking for Better Visual-Inertial System using Dynamic Mask Mr. Gyuhyeon Pak, Mr. Taeyoung Kim, Prof. Euntai Kim
WP-20 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00341 Test Scenarios of 5G NR-U Transceiver Performance Using Two Mobile Robots Mr. Dong Yeop Kim, Mr. Keunhwan Kim, Mr. Okjoon Lee, Mr. Seungwon Lee, Dr. Jung-Hoon Hwang, Dr. Young-Ouk Kim
WP-21 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00105 RGB-D Semantic Segmentation for Mobile Robots Ms. Suyeon Kim, Ms. Suhyeon Lee, Prof. Euntai Kim
WP-22 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00362 Application of A Reliable Dynamic Friction Model for Accurate Dynamic Model Parameters Estimation of Robot Manipulators Mr. Meseret Abayebas Tadese, Dr. Francisco Yumbla, Dr. Nabih Pico, Prof. Hyungpil Moon
WP-23 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00268 Geometric Recognition of Diverse Terrain in Real-Time for a Six-Wheeled Robot based on Laser Scanning Sensors Mr. Nabih Pico, Mr. Eui-Chan Kim, Mr. Sang-Heyon Park, Mr. Meseret Tadese, Mr. Huy Nguyen Tran, Mr. Beomjoon Lee, Prof. Hyungpil Moon
WP-24 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00382 Manufacturing Intelligence Collaboration Framework for Autonomous Manipulation System Dr. Hyonyoung Han, Dr. Joonmyun Cho, Dr. Junhee Park
WP-25 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00272 Mobile Manipulator Based Autonomous Transport System for Intelligent Factory Manufacturing Logistics. Mr. Ji-Hyun Park, Dr. Taeyoung Uhm, Ms. Na-Hyun Lee, Mr. Gi-Deok Bae, Mr. Jong-Deuk Lee
WP-26 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00499 Deep learning based physical property estimation of an object using gripper with tactile sensor Mr. Hyunsuk Huh, Dr. Jeong-Jung Kim, Dr. Doo-Yeol Koh, Dr. Chang-Hyun Kim, Prof. Seungchul Lee
WP-27 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00232 In-hand Objects Classification Through Sparse Tactile Point Clouds for Robot Manipulation Mr. Sanghoon Yang, Graduate Student Won Dong Kim, Prof. Jung Kim
WP-28 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00459 Conversion of mesh map using surface parameterization for 3D coverage path planner Mr. Duckyu Choi, Prof. Hyun Myung
WP-29 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00450 Control of Mobile Cable-Tensioning Platform for Assisting Crouch Gait Mr. Seongyun Cho, Prof. Hyung-Soon Park
WP-30 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00457 Robotic assembly strategy with compliance control for wiring harness manufacturing Dr. Youngsu Cho, Dr. Dong Il Park, Dr. Jongwoo Park, Dr. Seonghyuk Song, Dr. Joonho Lee, Dr. Byung-Kil Han
WP-31 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00458 Study of Ground penetrating radar(GPR) based on morphology dependent resonance(MDR) phenomenon for monitoring of self-healing capsule in concrete structures Mr. Taeuk Lim, Mr. Yeong Jun Lee, Mr. Hao Cheng, Mr. Jie Hu, Prof. Wonsuk Jung
WP-32 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00182 Unsupervised Sim-Real Synchronization of the Soft Robot with Proprioceptive Sensors using Latent Representation Learning Ms. Chaeree Park, Mr. Hyunkyu Park, Prof. Jung Kim
WP-33 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00484 Lightweight Room Layout Estimation using a Single Panoramic Image Graduate Student Dayoung Kil, Prof. Seong-Heum Kim
WP-34 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00235 Target speaker recognition in the cocktail party Dr. Dae-Jin Jung, Dr. Sunyoung Cho, Dr. Tae Yoon Chun, Mr. Soo Sung Yoon
WP-35 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00110 A Consideration of Mechanical Kansei: Latent Representation of Topology-Optimized Structures in Variational Autoencoder Prof. Toshio Hira
WP-36 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00055 Improving Vision Transformer with Multi-Task Training Mr. Woo Jin Ahn, Graduate Student Geun Yeong Yang, Prof. Hyun Duck Choi, Prof. Myo Taeg Lim, Prof. Tae-Koo Kang, Ms. Yu Jin Kim
WP-37 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00050 Adversarial Domain Adaptation for Noisy Speech Emotion Recognition Dr. Sunyoung Cho, Mr. Soosung Yoon, Mr. Hyunseung Song
WP-38 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00396 Perceptual Object-centric Learning for High-level Representation Mr. Donghun Lee, Dr. Hyunsoek Kim
WP-39 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00075 Improvement of Denoising Performance of the Micro-Doppler Radar Spectrogram Image based on the cycleGAN Mr. Kwangyong Jung, Dr. Nammoon Kim, Mr. Jeongwoo Kim, Mr. Sawon Min
WP-40 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00046 Automatic Segmentation of Hemorrhage Regions in Laparoscopic Surgery for Bleeding Monitoring System Graduate Student Dan Yoon, Mr. Byeongsoo Kim, Mr. Dong Hyun Choi, Dr. Min Hyuk Lim, Prof. Minwoo Cho, Ms. Mira Yoo, Ms. Eunju Lee, Dr. Yun-Suhk Suh, Prof. Sungwan Kim
WP-41 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00401 Automatic Lane Change System with Double Loop PID Algorithm Mr. Junki Hong, Mr. Jaehwan Choi, Mr. Sooho Woo, Mr. Jeahong Lee, Prof. Soon-Geul Lee, Mr. Jaehyeong Kim, Mr. Kyungsu Cha
WP-42 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00271 Autonomous Indoor Proximity Flight of a Quadcopter Drone Using a Directional 3D Lidar and VIO Sensor Dr. Jong Tai Jang, Prof. Wonkeun Youn
WP-43 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00264 Range-only Relative Position Estimation for Multi-UAV Mr. Junho Choi, Mr. Eungchang Lee, Mr. Myeongwoo Jeong, Mr. Duckyu Choi, Prof. Hyun Myung
WP-44 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00217 Development of an Autonomous Mobile Robot in the Outdoor Environments with a Comparative Survey of LiDAR SLAM Mr. Minsu Kim, Mr. Miaojun Zhou, Mr. Seoungwoo Lee, Prof. Hyeonbeom Lee
WP-45 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00209 Development of the Autonomous Navigation Algorithm based on the Geometric Method for Skid Steering Vehicles: Convergence of Skid Steering and Pure Pursuit Methods Using Compensation Coefficients Mr. Junghyun Kim, Prof. Carl D. Crane, Prof. Jungha Kim
WP-46 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00130 Data-driven Design of Model Error Compensator and Fictitious Reference Signals for Vehicle Velocity Control of Autonomous Driving Dr. Motoya Suzuki, Dr. Shuichi Yahagi
WP-47 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00510 Scalable, Real-time, and Remotely Controlled vehicles using Cloud Computing for Emergency Intervention Situations Dr. Hisham Khalifa Khalifa Mahmoud Abdalla, Mr. Yoonha Ryu, Prof. Deokjin Lee
WP-48 Nov. 30 13:20-14:50 Poster P00056 Data-driven Intelligent Feeding System for Pet Care Mr. Ravi Ghimire, Prof. Jae Weon Choi