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November 27(Sun) ~ December 1(Thu), 2022
BEXCO - Exhibition Center 2, Busan, Korea

Special Session

Special Session

[MA6/MB6] SICE-ICROS Joint Organized Session : Robot Technology and Its Application

Date: November 28 (Mon), 09:00-10:30 / 16:00-17:30
Place: Room 6 (1F 121)

The SICE-ICROS Joint Organized Session : Robot Technology and Its Application is aimed to bring together researchers, academicians, scientists, engineers and practitioners who are the members of SICE and ICROS society from various leading research labs and organizations. They participate and present their latest findings, ideas, developments and applications in the field of robot technology. This Joint OS is organized to discuss various kinds of advanced robots and their technologies from industrial robots to service robots of Japan and Korea. The future trends and directions in this field in both societies will be discussed in this OS.

Improvement of 3D-SLAM Accuracy by Removing Moving Objects on 3D-LiDAR Point Cloud Using Image Recognition in Web Camera
(Jun KonnoYoshinobu Ando, Japan)
System Identification for Gimbal Structure Loading Device
(Yeri SimSubin LimSuhyeon ParkSangrok Jin, Korea)
Application of Model Predictive Control to Polishing Robot for Pushing Operation
(Nobuaki EndoTakashi YoshimiKoichiro HayashiHiroki Murakami, Japan)
A Development of Automatic Self-Ordering Following Module for Online Campus Tour Project of 5 Countries
(Yoganata Kristanto, Japan)
Prototype on retrofittable autonomous lawn mower for golf resort
(Kaito IchiharaTadahiro HasegawaShin’ichi YutaTomoyuki KatoKentaro NimuraMotoyuki Shiraishi, Japan)
Super Twisting Sliding Mode Control-Based Impedance Control for Teleoperated Virtual Robot Arm End-Effector Force Tracking
(Min Cheol LeeMuhammad Hamza KhanSaad Jamshed AbbasiMuhammad Salman, Korea)

Fast Terminal SMC with SPO for Trajectory Tracking of Robot Manipulator for Nuclear Reactor Dismantlement
(Min Cheol LeeChengQian LiJaehyung Kim, Korea)
A Facial Gender Detector on CPU using Multi-dilated Convolution with Attention Modules
(Adri PriadanaMuhamad Dwisnanto PutroXuan-Thuy VoKang-Hyun Jo, Korea)
A surface shape measurement method using a self-shape sensor “Flexible Sensor Tube”
(Daisuke UraKoichi Osuka, Japan)
Automation of 3D sewing of two different shaped parts by robot arm – Proposal and evaluation of the sewing method of rectangular and semicircular parts –
(Eiri OguraTakashi YoshimiMotoki Hirayama, Japan)
Combination of Deep Learner Network with Transformer for 3D Human Pose Estimation
(Tran Tien DatVo Xuan ThuyNguyen Duy LinhKang-Hyun Jo, Korea)
Semantic Foreground Feature Extraction and Camera-aware Re-allocation Clustering for Unsupervised Person Re-identification
(Ge CaoKanghyun Jo, Korea)

[WA6] ICROS and ECTI Organized Session on Advanced Control Designs and Applications
This session is jointly organized by ETCI (Thailand) and ICROS (Korea) for advanced
control theories and applications.

Date: November 30 (Wed), 09:00-10:30
Place: Room 6 (1F 121)

Membership-Function-Dependent Stability Conditions Using Fuzzy Lyapunov Functions
(Kyung Soo Kim, Hosub Lee, PooGyeon Park, Korea)
Development of identification based fuzzy supervisory control for pressure tank system
(Natcha SuwatanamalaNapasool Wongvanich, Thailand)
Design of Supervisory Model Predictive Control for Building HVAC System Subject to Time-Varying Operating Points
(Sitthiphat PromchaiwattanaDavid Banjerdpongchai, Thailand)
Lur’e Type Analysis of Computed Torque Method for Robot Manipulator
(Geunil Song, Jung Hoon Kim, Korea)
A Regression Method with Conditional Generative Adversarial Network for Pedestrian Walking Distance Estimation using a Waist-worn IMU
(Thanh Tuan PhamYoung Soo Suh, Korea)
A Comparative Study of Several pH Control Laws Implemented to a Smart Hydroponics Farm
(Tanagorn JennawasinThienrawit Tongskulroongruang, Thailand)